The SOU Sequence Number facility provides a general capability for creating and managing sequence numbers required by SOU-developed applications. It corresponds to Ellucian's sequence number capability in Banner. After choosing a code to uniquely identify a sequence number, users can assign minimum and maximum sequence numbers, track the last sequence number used, reset the sequence number to the minimum and assign standard Banner security class privileges to the record.  The assigned code will be used by computer programs to access and maintain the specific sequence number.

Users can create and maintain sequence numbers on the SOU Sequence Number form (SOUSEQN) if they have maintenance privileges to the form and further maintenance privileges to update an existing record. To update an existing record, the user's ID must match the value in the User ID field on the record, the user must have privileges to an optional security class that may have been assigned to the record or the user must be a member of the Information Systems team.

Accessing the SOU Sequence Number Form from Banner

You can access the form by typing the form name in the Direct Access box as soon as you enter Banner.

  1. Log into Banner.

  2. Enter SOUSEQN in the Direct Access box.

  3. Press enter.

You can also add the form to your Banner Personal Menu.

Creating an SOU Sequence Number

To create an SOU Sequence number, select the SOU Sequence Number form (SOUSEQN), and enter the following information.

Code: Code used to uniquely identify the SOU sequence number.  This field is required.

Description: Description of the code.  This field is required.

Security Class Restriction: The Banner Security Class that a user must have maintenance privileges to in order to update the record.  If you do not know the Security Class, you may enter a full or partial name and tab to the next field or you may choose Help/List from the menu bar to do a search.  The user that created the record may also update the record even if they do not have maintenance privileges to the security class.  This field is optional.

Min Seq No: The minimum sequence number.  This will be the first number used.  This field is required.

Max Seq No:  The maximum sequence number to be used.  This field is optional.  If left blank, there is no maximum.

Last Seq No Used: This field displays the last sequence number used.  Programs use this field to determine which sequence number to use next. This field is a display only field. 

Clear Last Seq No Used: Clearing the last sequence number causes programs to use the minimum sequence number again as the next sequence number to use. To perform the clear, check the box and choose File/Save

User ID: Person who created or last updated the record. This is a display only field.

Activity Date: Date that the record was created or last updated. This is a display only field.

Once the above fields have been entered, choose File/Save from the menu bar to save the records or File/Exit from the menu bar to exit the form without saving the changes.