Use the Schedule Section Query Form (SSASECQ) to display all scheduled class sections (CRN's) that meet your search criteria. The form is run in query-only mode, and no changes can be made to any fields.

Accessing the Schedule Section Query Form from Banner

Banner includes a Query menu. This menu contains commonly used Banner forms. When you become familiar with the names of the forms, you can eliminate the use of menus by typing the 7-10 character form name in the Direct Access box as soon as you enter Banner.

  1. Log into Banner.

  2. Open Southern Oregon University menu.

  3. Open Query menu.

  4. Select the Schedule Section Query form.

Viewing Class Sections

Select the Schedule Section Query form (SSASECQ) to view all scheduled class sections that match your search criteria.

  1. Enter your search criteria by entering values in the fields you want the search to match on (i.e. term code, subject code, etc). For a description of all fields available on the form, select Help/Online Help from the menu bar.

  2. Choose Query/Execute from the menu bar. This will display all sections that match the search criteria you entered.

  3. When done, choose File/Exit from the menu bar to exit the form.