SOU provides former faculty and employees with online access to their personal records including address updates, employee records, and faculty records.

SOU provides Advanced Southern Credit faculty access to enter grades.

There are 3 modules that may be accessed. These modules must be logged into separately using your SOU ID and Banner Self-Service PIN/password. If you do not remember your PIN/password, you may click on the Forgot Password link and answer security questions to get in or you may contact the IT Help Desk to have your PIN/password reset. The same ID and PIN/password are used for all 3 modules.


Former employees may access their pay stub information, W-2's and other employee-related information.

Former Employee Sign In


Former faculty may view rosters and enter grade changes. Some student information features may not be available to former faculty.

Advanced Southern Credit faculty may enter grade changes.

ASC Faculty/Former Faculty Sign In

Personal Information & PIN/Password Management

Former employees and faculty may update their personal information (addresses, email) and manage their PIN/password and security questions. The options to change your security questions and password are located at the bottom of the Personal Information page.

Personal Information Sign In