Continuant Rules / Student Type Roll allows computation of student type for one term based on history and student type for past terms.   This preserves the student type in the general student record effective for any registration term as it was during the term instead of overwriting it at the end of the term.


The Continuant Term is the term for which historical registration and the effective general student record's student type will be checked to see if they are a continuing student during the Rules Term.

The Rules Term is the term for which registration triggers comparison with the Continuant Term for academic history and student type.  

A Continuant Student is someone having a registration header record for the Rules Term and a term header in academic history for the Continuant Term.

The Update Term is the term for which a new general student record will be created or an existing general student record will be updated as dictated by continuant rules.  The Rules Term and the Update Term should always have the same value.

The Next Student Type is the value which will be assigned when continuant rules conditions are met for a student=s current student type code.

A Continuant Level is a level which is treated as logically equal to another level for the purposes of determining whether a student is continuant or not.  Example: a PB student (admitted by SOU but not the department) would not be considered a new admit again when they transition from PB to GR upon departmental admittance.