Dear visitors from other colleges and universities. SOU wants to provide you with some of the technical resources that you may need to connect remotely to your home college or university.

Students from Southern Oregon Colleges and Universities

If you are a visitor from one of our SOHEC partner schools (Oregon Institute of Technology, Klamath Community College, Rogue Community College), SOU welcomes you to use our guest wireless network as well as our library computing environment. In order to access a computer in our library, you will need to present your student id from one of these schools.

Students from Outside of Southern Oregon


If you are a visitor from another institution, we have several options that may assist you. If your school participates in Eduroam, you can access Wi-Fi on SOU's campus using your school's id and password.


If you are a student from any college or university and need access to wireless internet, you are welcome to acess SOU's Guest wireless network. This network is best access on campus, but you may find some areas where you can access the network from parking lots as well.