This email promotion is a sample of a typical phishing attack. It is meant to be alarming, and most of these types of phishing attacks will attempt to get you to submit your login credentials into a spoofed login page.

1. The domain name for this email is: The hyphen used does not separate useraccounts from as a period would. This is a small technical thing to notice, but try to be in the habit of knowing that domain names have a specific form. Attackers will use variations of names that look like the real thing but that aren't the actual one. This becomes even trickier when they use these spoofs for the links they want you to follow.

2. Attackers will often try to use something that you will find alarming in hopes that you will act quickly without double-checking. Emails notifying you of account breaches can be real, but because they are frequently used by attackers, you should double-check the links before clicking on them.

3. As with the other emails, the links in this email all direct to . This is an easy check you can make by hovering over links in the email.

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