This email promotion is a sample of a pretty typical phishing attack. It is meant to be shocking and enticing, and it attempts to make you feel that the promotion is exclusive.

1. The first thing to ask yourself about this email is, "Does this sound too good to be true?" If so, it likely is, and it should trigger you to not trust it and dig deeper before clicking on any of its links.

2. Similarly to the Google Account phish, the domain used for the sender is close to Best Buy's domain, but it is not correct. Again, this is even more tricky when the attackers use spoofed domains resembling the real ones as the destination behind the links.

3. This email has a fairly high density of links in it. This can be a sign that somebody is trying to get you to click.

4. As with the other emails, the links in this email all direct to . This is an easy check you can make by hovering over links in the email.