The Student Data Extract by Attribute program creates a comma/quote delimited report with a record for each student who meets the selection criteria. The selection criteria include term code, student attribute code and CRN, and the report includes demographic and academic data.

The program selects all students:

  1. who have an effective student record for the term code parameter,
  2. have an effective student attribute for the term code parameter and the attribute parameter,
  3. have not graduated prior to the term code parameter in the program on their current student record and
  4. are enrolled in the CRN parameter section for the parameter term.

If "%" is supplied in the CRN parameter the program will select all students who meet the other selection criteria and have been enrolled at any time since 8 terms prior to the parameter term or the parameter term itself.

Accessing the Student Data Extract by Attribute Program from the BASIS Jobs Menu

  1. Log into Banner.
  2. Select Reports.
  3. Select Academic Affairs.
  4. Select Academic Departments or Honors.
  5. Select Extract by Attribute.

Running the Student Data Extract by Attribute

Complete the necessary report parameters and submit the job. You may choose the DATABASE option to review the output online and save it to your desktop, or you may enter your email address in the Printer: field and the output will be mailed to you.