The Honors Program Processes consist of a series of Banner Forms and processes that help automate tasks associated with the University's academic Honors Program.

Honors Student Identification

New admits who meet the honors criteria are identified nightly by a job that reviews all applications for the current and future terms and determines which new admits meet the Honors Program criteria. For those meeting the criteria, the program inserts an admissions comment record (HNRS - Eligible for Honors Program).

New students who meet the honors criteria are identified nightly by a program that reviews all applicants who have an Honors admission comment and inserts an Honors student attribute(HNRS-Honors Program) as soon as the applicant has a general student record.  An Honors student attribute may be created or removed manually using the Banner Additional Student Information form (SGASADD).

Honors Class Scheduling

When performing Honors class scheduling, each Honors section must have an Honors course attribute ('HNRS'). This attribute allows students to search the web-based class schedule for Honors courses. Only sections with this attribute will appear in the search.

Honors Registration

Two benefits of being in the Honors Program are the ability to register in honors-restricted classes and the ability to register earlier.

  • Honors-restricted classes. As long as each Honors section has an associated Honors attribute
  • Early registration. Early registration for Honors students is implemented through the use of Banner's alternate PIN processing. Raider Student Services will set up a term control record with the honors registration dates and a PIN number. The Honors office will then run the REG_SET_ALTERNATE_PINS job to assign the alternate PIN to each student with an Honors attribute.

Honors Grade Reports

When Raider Student Services runs grades each term, grade reports for Honors students whose term GPA is less than 3.0 or cumulative GPA is less the 3.2 will be sent to the Honors Office print queue.

Accessing Honors Reports in Banner

The Banner Student Information System includes an Honors menu. This menu contains several processes and reports.

  1. Log into Banner.
  2. From the main Banner menu, expand Reports.
  3. Expand Academic Affairs.
  4. Expand Academic Departments.
  5. Expand Honors.

The following reports can be run via the Honors menu in the Banner Reports menu.

  • Assign Alternate PINs
    Parameters: Term Code, Attribute Code, Alternate PIN
    This program assigns alternate PINs for a parameter term for all students with an Honors student attribute. The alternate PIN allows the student to register during the Honors program early registration period. An attribute code of HNRS and an alternate PIN of 001000 should be used as parameters.
  • Student with Attribute Report
    Parameters: Student Attribute Code, Term Code
    This program produces a report of all students for a parameter term who have a parameter attribute. For honors students, the parameter attribute should be 'HNRS'.