The Banner to CollegeNet extract program creates a quote-comma-delimited file of course, instructor and student data used to populate the What Do You Think (WDYT) database for course evaluation purposes. The program has a single parameter: term code.

The program selects data for all active sections for the parameter term that have at least one assigned instructor and at least one enrollment. The system accommodates multiple instructors for the same course and will create extract records for each instructor/student combination.

The name of the extract program is REG_COLLEGENET_EXTRACT. You can use the Banner JOBHELP form to determine which Banner Reports menu it is on and which security class a user must have to access it.

User Procedures

The procedure for setting up the CollegeNet WDYT database for a term is as follows:

  1. Define the parameter term code to CollegeNet via their web page.  Only CollegeNet administrative users can do this.  Administrative users can designate other administrative users.
  2. Run REG_COLLEGENET_EXTRACT from Job Submission for the parameter term. The program will create a file named BASIS$LIS:REG_COLLEGENET_EXTRACT_ttttyy.TXT, where ttttyy is the parameter term code.
  3. Use SecureFX to transfer the file to the CollegeNet server. (NOTE: If you have not done this before, contact the Help Desk for assistance in setting up the SecureFX connection to the CollegeNet server).
  4. Email oce_dev@collegenet.com to notify CollegeNet that the files are ready to process.