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Use this as a starting page to access a wide variety of
accommodations, services, and information!

Getting Started

Check out the Returning Students Checklist.


Access tutorials for logging in to AIMS, requesting accommodations, FAQs for students and notetakers, adding a testing contract, and MORE!

Quarterly Accommodations

Find out the steps to take each quarter to access accommodations

Scholarships, Internships, and Financial Aid

Research scholarship and internship opportunities to fund your education

Assistive Technology

Research technology to assist you in independently gaining access to your education

Delta Alpha Pi Honors Society

Check out what's going on with Delta Alpha Pi, the honor society for students with disabilities

Information for Parents

Request information for parents of students with disabilities.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Find out about your rights and responsibilities in the accommodation process

The Disability Community

Explore the disability community.

Online Support

CU Thrive is your 24/7 resource for information you need to work through your daily living challenges, support your friends, get healthy, and make positive changes in your life! Sign up today and access the hundreds of articles, videos, FAQs, learning resources and life preparedness tools that will help you do more than just make the grade! CU thrive is the solution for all of your college life needs!  If you have any questions about CU Thrive, please contact: Victor Chang.


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