PEBB will begin a dependent eligibility review this fall. The review will require members to provide documentation showing their spouses, domestic partners and children are eligible for coverage under a PEBB plan. PEBB will begin by targeting new dependents added during open enrollment, then branch out to include others. This will be an ongoing process.

PEBB will send out information in the mail soon. Members will have the opportunity to add or remove dependents during Open Enrollment, which is the whole month of October. In November, all members who added a dependent during Open Enrollment will be asked to provide documentation showing the dependent is eligible.

Who has to complete a dependent eligibility review?
PEBB will contact all active employees and retirees who have one or more dependents listed in the PEBB system. These members will be asked to provide documentation verifying their enrolled dependents’ (spouse, domestic partner, or child) eligibility. The Dependent Eligibility Review Program starts this year and will expand in scope in future years. 

PEBB is unable to review all active members at one time so members will be prioritized in the following order:    

  1.  Members who add dependents during Open Enrollment,
  2.  Newly hired employees, and
  3.  Members who have not been reviewed. 

What if I have questions about the Dependent Eligibility Review?
If you have any questions about eligibility, you can contact PEBB Member Services by phone at 503-373-1102 or email at

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