As the end of Spring quarter nears, much discussion has been held around flexible summer schedules at a time when unclassified administrators and classified employees are observing furloughs and Jackson County has begun its gradual reopening.

After considering several factors, including anticipated cost savings from reduced overhead/utilities and the ability to align furlough observations to better manage service expectations, President Schott has authorized the closing of operational units each Friday beginning the week of Sunday, June 14 and ending Saturday, September 19. 

Although most on-campus and remote activity will operate Monday – Thursday, certain essential-service functions may continue to remain open to support our students and academic mission.  Additionally and as is customary, several positions must continue to prepare for and serve Friday/Saturday Raider Registration events scheduled for June 26 (First Year), July 10 (Transfer), July 17 and 18 (First Year), and August 7 (First Year) and 8 (Transfer).  Employees are required to work together with their supervisor/director to fully understand weekly operational needs and adjust accordingly while maintaining their observed furlough schedule.

There are two SOU observed holidays that fall during this summer schedule and they are as follows:

  • Independence Day – Friday, July 3: Unclassified administrators and classified staff will observe Thursday, July 2 as the paid holiday (operational units closed Thursday, campus closed Friday). 
  • Labor Day – Monday, September 7: Campus closed, observe paid holiday (campus closed Monday, operational units closed Friday).

Furloughed unclassified administrators and classified employees must continue to report their hours worked weekly and adhere to the hour limitations of the Work Share Program.  Holiday hours are credited during the week observed and employees work their remaining hours as defined by their furlough.  Please forward inquiries regarding this summer schedule to 541-552-8553 or