We are pleased to announce that SOU will again offer a 4/10 work schedule this summer beginning the week of June 25, 2018 and ending on September 7, 2018.  During this period, the campus will remain open five days a week and each department is responsible for coordinating a 4/10 schedule that ensures adequate daily coverage.  As is customary, please coordinate schedules to best prepare and serve Raider Registration events scheduled for June 2 (Hawaii), 22 and 29, July 13 and 7, and August 3 and 10.  Employees who do not wish to participate shall continue to work their normal work schedule and observe University holidays accordingly.

On or before June 1, 2018, interested employees must provide to their supervisor a written proposed 4/10 summer schedule that includes both days and hours (i.e. Monday – Thursday 7-6, 7:30-6:30, half hour versus one hour lunches, etcetera).  Employees may request to vary their 4/10 schedule working either Monday-Thursday one week and Tuesday-Friday another week or return to their normal work schedule. Supervisors will respond in writing by June 15, 2018, whether the schedule is approved, denied or needs adjusting. Although reasonable effort will be made to accommodate schedules within a department, some adjustment and denials may be required in order to meet operational needs. All employee requested changes to the agreed upon schedule must be pre-approved in advance by the supervisor.

The normal work week for a 4/10 schedule will be Monday through Thursday or Tuesday through Friday at 10 hours per day for a total of 40 hours straight pay. Paid leave (i.e., vacation, sick, comp time) used for full day absences during the 4/10 week should be reported as a full 10 hours.


4/10 Summer Schedule Holiday Observance

Wednesday, July 4, 2018 - Independence Day

  • Campus closed.  All employees observe paid holiday.

Monday, September 3, 2018 – Labor Day

  • Employees working a normal 5/8 Monday through Friday schedule, will observe Monday, September 3 as the paid holiday.
  • Employees who work a 4/10 Monday through Thursday schedule, will observe Monday, September 3 as the paid holiday.
  • Employees who work a 4/10 Tuesday through Friday schedule, will observe Tuesday, September 4 as the paid holiday.