Human Resources has partnered with LinkedIn Learning and SOU's Outreach & Engagement for a professional development framework that meets the desire for flexibility and accessibility to both on-line and in-person training.  

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an on-demand learning platform that will enable the achievement of professional goals and aspirations through on-line courses and videos.  SOU employees may now access a LinkedIn Learning account within  Once in, employees can customize their learning experience, as well as access a learning path that has been developed based on their job description.  Below are a few highlights of what LinkedIn Learning offers:

  • Unlimited access to more than 5,000 video tutorials covering business, creative and technology topics
  • Personalized recommendations that allow for the exploration of the most in-demand skills
  • Expert instructors representing relevant industry topics, all in one place
  • Convenient learning with the flexibility to access courses on your schedule, from any desktop or mobile device
  • Helpful resources that reinforce new knowledge with quizzes and exercises

SOU Outreach and Engagement

In collaboration with SOU's Outreach and Engagement, in-person training will be sponsored by Human Resources each Winter, Spring and Fall locally on the SOU Ashland Campus.  Details of the next session is listed below:

TITLE: Managing Stress in Uncertain Times
DATE: October 20, 2020 (Tuesday)
TIME: 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
LOCATION: Virtual/Zoom
INSTRUCTOR: Tifanny Grimes
COURSE OBJECTIVE:  To say the very least – these are uncertain times. Our communities, jobs, educational systems, political landscapes, and social structures are all transitioning. For most of us, not knowing can translate to more stress and fewer resources – an unsustainable equation. Join Tiffany Grimes, Founder and Lead Professional Coach at Evolutionary Consulting for this 90-minutes, resource-rich virtual workshop intensive. Come ready to engage and participate.

 Learning Concepts:

  • Highlight the applicable neuroscience of stress and resiliency
  • Clarify coping skills that aren’t really “helping”
  • Learn and practice mindful models that can be applied to life immediately
  • Commit (or re-commit) to intentionally and courageously managing stress

About the Presenter: Tiffany Grimes founded Evolutionary Consulting, LLC in 2012.   As a writer, facilitator, consultant, and life coach she is passionate about the work she does and the lives she helps to transform. She is a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), Specialty Master Trainer through Portland State University’s Oregon Registry Training Program, Creator and Director of the Empower program operated through the Department of Human Services, national presenter, and published author. She holds a Master’s in Management with a focus on Organizational Development through Southern Oregon University.



Wednesday, November 19, 2020  11:00 am to 12:30 pm - Virtual/Zoom

The Solution Formula - How to Find Enjoyment and Productive Engagement in a Virtual Workplace

Description:  With much of one’s time spent in a virtual workplace setting, keeping ourselves fully engaged, productive, and in a positive frame of mind can be a challenge. Whether you’re a senior executive, a manager, supervisor, or an hourly employee disengagement, dissatisfaction, and waning productivity is becoming an increasingly prominent challenge.

In this course, you’ll gain essential clarity about how to increase your own enjoyment, workplace engagement, and overall performance in a virtual setting.

Based on well-honed tools and processes used by heavily virtualized companies like Microsoft, Toyota, Dow Chemical, Intel, Amgen, and Whirlpool Corporation, the course will also include case studies, interactive elements, and group dialogue.

Learning Concepts:

  • Learn tools and techniques for setting a productive mental framework that can help you positively transform the challenges and doldrums that often accompany virtual work environments
  • Discover and practice and how to infuse what you enjoy most about life in virtual workplace situations to improve your overall experience and performance in those settings
  • Learn how a simple game theory process can revolutionize the way you approach and handle problems in a virtual setting.
  • Discover simple, highly effective communication tools for eliminating misunderstandings and creating more enjoyable productive virtual communication
  • Learn a method of quickly prioritizing your day right while it’s in motion

  • Fall Term 2019: Emotional Intelligence & Effective Communication
  • Spring Term 2019: Teamwork and High Performance
  • Winter Term 2019: Conflict Resolution
  • Winter Term 2020: Managing the Work-Life Equation

For questions regarding LinkedIn Learning access, tools and recommend learning paths, please contact Human Resource Services at 541-552-8119 or email  For a full listing of workshops independently offered by SOU's Outreach and Engagement, please visit