The application, consideration, background check, hiring, and onboarding process for Term by Term adjunct instructors is handled through  Workday. The Provost's Office is the hiring authority for all Term by Term positions.  For more detailed information about the process please click here.

Step 1: All Term by Term adjunct instructors are required to apply to the corresponding Division’s pooled recruitment in Workday to be considered.  Please refer access issues or accommodation requests to the Office of Human Resources at or 541-552-8553.

Step 2: The designated Search Committee Chair will review the job posting and screen applicants in Workday.  This begins with locating and reviewing applicant materials of the person(s) you wish to hire, conducting an interview, and then completing the Term by Term New Hire Questionnaire to notify the Provost's Office of your request to hire a Term by Term.

Note: If an applicant does NOT hold at least a Master's degree, the requesting department is required to complete a Term by Term Exception Form.  (Please do not consider hiring someone who does not hold a Bachelor’s degree.).  The Provost's Office will mark “approved” on the Term by Term New Hire Sheet after they have confirmed the applicant meets the minimum qualifications, as outlined in the job posting.

Step 3: Once approved by the Provost's Office, the Search Committee Chair will navigate through Workday together with the Faculty Primary Recruiter (Academic Resource Officer) to move the selected finalists through the candidate assessment process.  This includes the digital background check, hire, and onboarding process.