Once the Staff/Faculty Recruitment Questionnaire or Student Employment Appointment Request form is completed, Human Resources will create a position and job requestion in Workday.  Once a job is posted, the Search Committee Chair/Supervisor will see it on the Recruiting Dashboard.

1.  Login to Inside.SOU.edu and access OKTA.



       1bCapture                        1cCapture


2. Within OKTA, access the Workday Production application.




3.  In Workday, navigate to the upper left to click on the Job Requisitions icon.    


4.  Click on the name of the Job Requisition in the Job Requisition Workspace section.




5.  In the Job Requisition WorkspaceOpen Detailed View, and the Overview tab will display a Review Candidates icon.  Alternatively, select the Candidates tab to review applicants.


                                                                                                             OR        5CandidatesTabCapture



6.  The Review Candidates lists the applicants who have applied and what stage of the process they are in.  Select the Job Application link to view details.


7.  The applicant's experience and other details will be displayed. 



8.  Pay particular attention to the Questionnaire Results to find information about work eligibility.



9.  Thoroughly review each application and decide whether to take Actions to Move Candidate

                 8ActionsCapture                 8MoveCandidateCapture

10.  From here Workday will prompt the necessary next steps between the Search Committee Chair/Supervisor/Hiring Authority and the Human Resources' Primary Recruiter throughout the entire candidate assessment process.  Which may include the following:

  • Search Committee Chair/Supervisor - Move Candidate from Review to Screen
  • HR Primary Recruiter - Review and Move Candidate to Interview 1
  • Search Committee Chair/Supervisor -  Will receive a "To Do" inbox task to create interview questions, forward interview questions to the HR Primary Recruiter for approval, and once questions are approved, arrange and conduct interviews.
  • Search Committee Chair/Supervisor - Move Candidate accordingly (i.e. withdrew, not qualified, etc.) and to Interview 2 (optional) or Reference Checks.  
  • Search Committee Chair/Supervisor - Will receive a "To Do" inbox task to Conduct Reference Checks and Make a Decision (i.e. withdrew, not qualified, etc.) by moving the candidates accordingly or to Background Check.
  • HR Primary Recruiter - Coordinates the background check directly with the candidate.  Once successfully cleared, Moves Candidate to Recommend for Hire.
  • Search Committee Chair/Supervisor - Will receive a "To Do" inbox task to Complete the Search Committee Hiring Recommendation Form (staff/faculty recruitments)- now an electronic form which will be linked in the "to-do" step.  
  • HR Primary Recruiter - Will receive a "To Do" inbox task to Edit the Job Requisition to append the completed form and submits it to the Hiring Authority.
  • Hiring Authority - Will receive a "To Do" inbox task to review and approve or deny the Search Committee Hiring Recommendation.
  • HR Primary Recruiter - Receives an alert that a decision has been made by the Hiring Authority and submits the pending "To Do."
  • Search Committee Chair/Supervisor - Will receive a "To Do" inbox task to Make Verbal Offer and as instructed send email (with hire date, negotiated salary, etc.) to HR Primary Recruiter, Budget Authority, and Hiring Authority.
  • Search Committee Chair/Supervisor - Uploads the entire recruitment file in the secure Box drive that was set up and provided by Human Resources.
  • HR Primary Recruiter - Moves Candidate to Hire and generates offer letter and position description.
  • Search Committee Chair/Supervisor - Will receive a "To Do" inbox task to URGENT - IT Account Request Form to gain appropriate access to systems.
  • New Employee - Is notified that a Network Account has been set up and they can now access the new hire tasks in Workday Onboarding.  Note: the New Employee will complete the first portion of the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form as part of their onboarding tasks in Workday. The second portion of the form is completed when they present their original forms of identification in person at the Office of Human Resources (Churchill Hall, Room 159).  A list of acceptable forms of identification can be found on page three of the I-9 form.  No work can be performed until the I-9 and onboarding steps are completed in their entirety. 
  • Supervisor - Coordinates and meets with the New Employee on their first day of work to provide an SOU and workspace orientation.