Southern Oregon University is a qualifying employer for public service loan forgiveness.  Employees who have Federal Direct Loans and have made 120 payments on the Federal Direct Loans (after Oct. 1, 2007) may be eligible for the remaining loan balance to be forgiven.  Only payments made under certain repayment plans may be counted toward the required 120 payments, and loans must not be in default to be forgiven.  For more information, check out the Public Service Loan Forgiveness information on the Federal Student Aid website.

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program is administered by Federal Student Aid an office of the U.S. Department of Education.  It is not an SOU administered program.  Should an employee apply to this program, SOU Human Resources Services will complete a section of the Employment Certification form to certify employment with the university.  

Completed forms requiring this HR certification should be placed in the SOU HR Secure Inbox, faxed to 541-552-8508, or hand-delivered to Churchill Hall, Room 159).  Please do not pre-populate the social security number field if emailing is the preferred method of delivery ( for HR certification.