Online pension estimates are available to anyone:

Go to Online Member Services webpage.

Click on "Log In" in the upper right corner.

Log in using your User ID or "Open a New Account."

You're now on the Account Home Page. 

lick on "Member" in the "Account Plan" section, you are now on the Account Summary Page.

lick on "Benefit Estimate" (on the left hand side of the screen)

lick on "Create a New Benefit Estimate," the system will ask a series of questions (i.e., retirement date, beneficiary, etc.)


Written pension estimates are available to those who are retiring within two years: 

o  Get an estimate request form and review Estimate Facts
o   PERS processes request in the order of retirement date (not in the order requests are received).  We recommend using the earliest retirement date possible.
Here is information helpful to completing the form:

  • Maximum vacation payout for an Unclassified employee is 180 hours.
  • SOU does notify PERS of any unused sick leave.
  • Retirement date is always the first of the month, regardless of last day worked.
  • ORP members –
    • use salary data from date last in a PERS position.
    • use sick leave balance at the time membership changed from PERS to ORP (i.e., 1996).
    • do NOT use a vacation balance because unused vacation (if applicable) was not paid out when you changed to the ORP pension program.
    Fax or mail form directly to PERS as directed on the form.