Online pension estimates are available to anyone:

o    Go to Online Member Services webpage.

o    Click on "Log In" in the upper right corner.

o    Log in using your User ID or "Open a New Account."

o    You're now on the Account Home Page. 

o    Click on "Member" in the "Account Plan" section, you are now on the Account Summary Page.

o    Click on "Benefit Estimate" (on the left hand side of the screen)

o    Click on "Create a New Benefit Estimate," the system will ask a series of questions (i.e., retirement date, beneficiary, etc.)

Written pension estimates are available to those who are retiring within two years:

o  Get an estimate request form and review Estimate Facts: Tier 1/Tier 2, PERS/OPSRP
o   PERS processes request in the order of retirement date (not in the order requests are received).  We recommend using the earliest retirement date possible.
o    Here is information helpful to completing the form:

      • Maximum vacation payout for an Unclassified employee is 180 hours.
      • SOU does participate in the PERS sick leave program.
      • Retirement date is always the first of the month, regardless of last day worked.
      • ORP members –
        • use salary data from date last in a PERS position.
        • use sick leave balance at the time membership changed from PERS to ORP (i.e., 1996).
        • do NOT use a vacation balance because unused vacation (if applicable) was not paid out when you changed to the ORP pension program.
o    Fax or mail form directly to PERS as directed on the form.