Voluntary Retirement Accounts (Available for All Employees)

All SOU employees have the opportunity to voluntarily contribute to retirement savings plans through regular monthly payroll deduction. Employees may contribute to both of the following voluntary plans at any time: 

Mandatory Retirement Accounts

Mandatory retirement requires eligibility to be met first, which is determined by working in a qualified position for at least six full months at half-time or greater. Classified employees who qualify are placed in PERS. Unclassified employees who qualify make an election between PERS or the ORP. 

**PERS members, starting in 2020 Senate Bill 1049 will take effect. Members should review the SOU PERS Legislative Updates webpage for information about how Senate Bill 1049 will impact members. Do note, starting 7/1/2020, members may start electing what target-date fund they wish to invest their IAP funds in. 

Retirement Resources

If looking to retire, our Retiree Checklist can assist. It has items to complete 24 months prior to retirement, 12 months prior to retirement, and 3 months prior to retirement.