Employees of Southern Oregon University (SOU) or qualified family members of SOU employees, who meet requirements listed below are eligible for the employee tuition rate set at 30% of resident, undergraduate tuition, in addition to appropriate fees.  Internal Revenue code section 117 mandates that educational assistance provided to family members of SOU employees enrolled in advanced degree programs or graduate-level classes for credit be reported as taxable income.  The difference between the reduced tuition and the regular graduate tuition will be taxed. 

No application fee will be required of SOU staff members who are eligible for the staff rate.

We are thrilled to announce that beginning Fall term 2022,  SOU will expand its staff tuition benefit in three crucial ways:

Transfer of benefit

Currently – The staff tuition benefit may be used by one employee or dependent at a time.
Expansion – The staff tuition benefit can be used by the SOU employee and their dependent, or multiple dependents during the same term when used at SOU.
Restriction – The benefit continues to be accessed by one employee or a dependent per term at the other Oregon Public Universities.

Maximum number of credits

Currently - There is a maximum number of 12 credits per term under the staff tuition benefit.
Expansion - No maximum number of credits for classes taken at SOU by SOU employees and their dependents.
Restriction - The 12-credit maximum continues to apply for classes taken at other Oregon Public Universities.

Online classes

Currently - Only SOU employees may register for online courses at SOU.
Expansion – Online courses at SOU are available to all employees, dependents, and other
Oregon Public University employees and their dependents.
Restriction – The SOU online MBA and MsEd programs continue to be excluded from the staff tuition benefit program.
Please remember that each university has its own staff tuition benefit exclusions, and the expansions described above apply only to SOU employees and their dependents when classes are taken at SOU.

The seven Oregon Public Universities are: Southern Oregon University, University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Portland State University, Eastern Oregon University, Western Oregon University, and Oregon Institute of Technology.

Inquiries about this generous benefit may be directed to Human Resources at hrs@sou.edu, or call 541 552-8119.

Completed forms should be sent to Michele Barlow, Assistant Director of Human Resources via email at barlowm@sou.edu, or via fax at 541 552-8508 or delivered to the Human Resources office located in Churchill Hall, Room 159.

Please note that the submission of the Staff Tuition form to Human Resources does not enroll you for the class. You will still need to follow the appropriate steps for enrollment.