Hiring a Student Employee is easy!

Quick Links
Guide for Writing a Position Description Student Employment Appointment Questionnaire
Supervisor FAQs RaiderJOBS (Handshake)

Step 1. Build a job description using the Guide for Writing a Position Description template (approximately 30 minutes).

Step 2. Complete the Student Employment Appointment Questionnaire - will need to insert details from the position description (approximately 15 minutes).

Step 3. Within two business days, the Office Career Connections will post the job in RaiderJOBS (Handshake).  Create a Handshake account (InsideSOU.edu, Online Services) to access, review and screen submitted applicant materials.  Interview qualified applicants asking the same set of questions.  Select the most qualified candidate and offer them the position. Update the selected candidate's status in Handshake to "hired."  For those applicants no longer being considered for the position, change their status to "declined" and an auto-system generated notification will be emailed to the student.

Step 4. Human Resources/PeopleAdmin sends the hired student an email with a unique link to complete the required employment paperwork (a digital onboarding experience).  Once complete, Human Resources/PeopleAdmin sends an email to the supervisor confirming the student employee is authorized to work.  No work can be performed until this step is complete. 

Step 5. The supervisor orients the student to the department and position. Assigns work. Verifies hours submitted and approves time monthly through Web Time Entry via InsideSOU.edu.