Overview: Southern Oregon University provides all eligible employees with choice benefit options available only to State of Oregon Employees. As such, SOU employees only pay 3% or 5% for Core Medical premiums, have access to quality Optional Benefits and many Wellness Benefits that encourage a healthy work-life balance. Also, qualified employees can partake in OPSRP (Oregon Public Service Retirement Program), an exclusive PERS hybrid retirement plan, or ORP (Oregon Retirement Program), where the University will match up to 4% of your investment (only available to Unclassified employees). PEBB (Public Employees Benefits Board) is the labor-management board that designs, contracts and administers benefits for State of Oregon  employees.  To become a PEBB member, you must actively enroll in a medical plan (or enroll to opt out of PEBB medical, not a decline) within 30 days from the date you were hired. You will be automatically enrolled in basic employee term life insurance at $5K of coverage and  have the option to enroll in all other PEBB benefits.  Learn more about PEBB

Eligibility: Your position must be intended to work at least half-time and for at least 90 days. Any other form of eligibility would come by notification from the Benefits Officer. Other individuals eligible for coverage are employee’s spouse or domestic partner, dependent children and domestic partner's children.

Enrolling: Newly hired or newly eligible employees may enroll online (if employment information has feed through systems) or by submitting required forms and any necessary documentation to the Benefits Office within 30 days of eligibility or hire date. Coverage is effective the first of the following month from the date forms are submitted. Open Enrollment is required by all eligible employees and takes place in the month of October. This is typically the only time an employee can make a change to their benefits. Open Enrollment changes take effect the first of the year.

Benefit Summary

Benefit Summary

The Benefit Summary is given to all new hires at the Benefit Orientation and is available for prospective hires as well. For detailed benefit information, refer to the Core, Optional and Wellenss tabs. 

Your health benefits are comprised of three categories:

  1. Core Benefits: group insurance offers medical, dental, vision and a guaranteed $5k of employee life insurance. The employee pays either 3% or 5% or the total benefit premium cost, depending on what elections are made.

  1. Optional Benefits: Life Insurances, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, long term care and flex-spending accounts are available for employees and employees eligible dependents. The employee pays 100% of these premiums.
         -Optional Benefits
  1. Wellness Benefits: A bundle of benefits available at no charge, where knowledge, assistance and resources are provided to employees n that encourages a wholesome and complete lifestyle.
       -Wellness Benefits







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