SOU recognizes that as the COVID-19 health crises continues, employees could experience hardships that may affect their ability to remain in paid status. In partnership with SEIU and ASPOU, the university has created a temporary SOU Shared Hardship Leave Donation Program.

Faculty, administrators and classified employees are now able to contribute accrued leave to one another for a COVID-19 related qualifying event. This temporary program goes beyond the criteria and structure currently reflected in the SEIU collective bargaining agreement and the Paid and Unpaid Leave for Unclassified Employees FAD.011 policy.  In all cases, donated leave is irrevocable and applied to the recipient on the value of the donation and not hour per hour.  Once the COVID-19 emergency is over, and SOU operations return to normal, all donations received but not used will be split equally into two hardship leave pools for future use; one for classified employees, one for unclassified employees.

If you would like to donate to the SOU Shared Hardship Donation Program please complete the COVID-19 Hardship Leave Donation Form.

If you have a COVID-19 qualifying event and have exhausted all personal leave accruals and wish to receive donations from this program, please complete the SOU Shared Hardship Leave Request Form.

 Stay well, stay healthy.