When a student employee’s conduct violates an SOU or department policy or constitutes misconduct, or when a student employee’s performance does not meet the expectations or requirements of a position, the supervisor determines if corrective action is needed. If corrective action is the appropriate response, the supervisor begins the process within a reasonable time of the supervisor’s knowledge of the situation. Corrective action must be appropriate to the issue and may be non-disciplinary such as training, coaching, a performance plan, or a letter of instruction; or it may be disciplinary such as a written reprimand, suspension, demotion, reassignment, or dismissal.

Causes for Discipline

The following are reasons for which a student employee may be disciplined:

  1. Failure to complete assigned work
  2. Excessive tardiness or unexcused absences
  3. Falsifying payroll or time card information
  4. Dishonesty
  5. Breach of security or safety
  6. Insubordination
  7. Sleeping or other inattention to duty
  8. Reporting to work impaired due to the use of alcohol or other substances

Grievance Procedure

Your supervisor can solve most employment concerns. Maintaining an open line of communication with your supervisor is a good foundation for now and in the future.

• Don’t assume that your supervisor already knows about your concern
• Clearly and concisely state it
• Use objective language and describe observable behaviors
• It’s a good idea to put it in writing
• Being ready with possible solutions is a great demonstration of professionalism and can go a long way toward solving the problem


If you have not come to a satisfactory solution with your supervisor, or if you feel uncomfortable approaching the supervisor because of the type of concern, you should take the complaint to that person's supervisor (or department head). The dean of students, the designated student grievance officer can assist you if you are unable to come to a satisfactory solution. Please contact the Student Affairs office at 541-552-6223 to schedule an appointment.

Discrimination grievances must be filed within 180 days of the incident with the dean of students. The dean of students will consult the student to determine possible avenues of resolution, including pursuing the formal grievance process.

Non-discrimination grievance complaints must be filed within thirty (30) days following the incident unless an exception is granted, as defined in OAR 573-075- 0100.

Please go to https://inside.sou.edu/assets/policies/docs/Student-Grievance.pdf for more information.