Past or present SOU employees needing a legal name change must complete the following forms and bring their updated original Social Security Card (showing the new name) to the Human Resources for processing: 

  • Employee Personal Data Form: this document must be completed for a name change, with the new and prior name listed. 
  • Form I-9: this document must be updated with any name change, proving the ability to work in the United States. HR staff will re-certify your Form I-9 completed at the beginning of employment, however, a new one may be required.
  • Federal Form W4: Federal tax withholdings may be updated with a name change. 
  • State of Oregon Form W4: State of Oregon withholdings may also be updated with a name change.
  • IT Account Name Change Request Form: must be completed if a new email or SOU username is necessary.  Once updated, the Directory and Google accounts will reflect accurately.  A manual change to your name in Google+ profile may be required.  For assistance, contact your IT Computing Coordinator.
  • PEBB Beneficiary Designation (as appropriate): log into the PEBB member portal to update beneficiary information at any time throughout the year. PEBB beneficiary designations stand for all life insurances offered through PEBB.
  • PERS IAP Beneficiary Designation (as appropriate): for employees in the PERS retirement system, consider updating beneficiaries, which only applies to the IAP. Pension account beneficiaries vary by tier and may require a notarized change. Contact PERS for more information. 
  • ORP or TDI Beneficiary Designation (as appropriate): if in the ORP, rather than PERS, or if you have a Tax Deferred Investment (TDI) go directly to your plan sponsor to update beneficiary information.

Employees desiring to change their preferred first name may do so by going to and navigating to the Personal Information section or by completing the Employee Personal Data Form and submitting it to HR for processing.