Native American Youth Connection Program for Students and Their Families

In the fall of 2020 SOU Pre-College Youth Programs and staff members from Konaway Nika Tillicum began a pilot program with assistance from the Oregon Community Foundation. Thanks to continued support from the Oregon Community Foundation, the Oregon Cultural Trust, and the Roundhouse Foundation, this program is now in its third year. Our goal is to provide connections within Native communities in our region and to support youth and families while sharing Native cultural arts and traditions. Students of all ages and their families have regular virtual Longhouse nights where storytelling, native crafts, health and wellbeing, art, history, and community can be created and shared. Learn more about our Longhouse events by checking out our Facebook page here

 Student Art 1 AMR 1    Yoga with Acosia Red Elk 

How Do I Join?

This program is for Native youth and their families. You can connect with us here if you would like to be a part of one of our Longhouse events and we will update you with the most current details. 

Program Leaders and Staff 

Tammie Ellington

Tammie Ellington

Tammie is a member of the Chinook Indian Nation and an alumnus of Southern Oregon University. Tammie has worked closely with Native youth throughout her life. Tammie is currently a psychologist at Montana VA working with Native American Veterans, is the program coordinator for Konaway Nika Tillicum Native American Youth Academy, and the co-coordinator for the All My Relations Native American Youth Success Program. Tammie takes pride in her passion and advocacy within Native American communities and describes herself as a mentor for Native youth and Native Veterans within Indian Country.


Chava Florendo

Chava Florendo

Chava Florendo has been connected to Konaway Nika Tillicum since 1998 and has helped launch and co-direct All My Relations. She has been a junior and senior counselor, head resident, coordinator and instructor for Konaway. Chava primarily teaches cultural, digital and creative arts. She also enjoys sharing songs with youth as a drummer/singer on the Dancing Spirit drum. Chava received a bachelor’s of science degree in Communication with an emphasis in Photo Journalism and a minor in Native American Studies from Southern Oregon University. She has worked at SOU for 13 years, working with Diversity scholars and advocating for students, and working on many committees for equity and inclusion. In addition to raising her three children (who she looks forward to being future Konaway participants) Chava loves fishing and hunting, playing basketball and golf, and creating art and building things.

Our Partners 

All My Relations is supported in part by entities and individuals investing in Oregon's arts, humanities, and heritage.

This program is supported by the Oregon Cultural Trust.

      Cultural Trust: 98,000 Square Miles of Yes    

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