We encourage students to complete their applications early and submit them in a timely fashion. Applications will not be reviewed until all documentation has been received and files are complete. The Application Deadline is June 1, 2023. Applications submitted after the general deadline will be added to our waitlist and reviewed as space becomes available. We will notify accepted applicants beginning in the Spring. 

When Will Students Be Notified of Acceptance?

Applicants will be notified as applications are received and reviewed. Applications will be reviewed in order of completion. We review hundreds of applications a year across many programs so please be patient in this process. No application is reviewed until all parts of the application are received.


How Much Does it Cost to Attend Konaway Nika Tillicum?

Konaway is a completely self-supported program, generating funds each year through grants, donations, and fundraisers. There is no cost to student participants. 

What Happens if Have to Cancel?

Sometimes conflicts come up! We appreciate hearing as soon as possible. A $50 cancellation fee may be assessed. 

What about Living Groups/Counselors?

Student’s living Group Counselor will become a very important person to your student. The counselors are college students who have experience in youth programs and counseling. They've been selected for their leadership skills and enthusiasm for working with young people. Parents/Guardians are given the oppertunity to meet with their student's counselor during the check-in time to ask questions and share information and concerns. 

What about Requesting a Roommate?

One of the best things about Konaway Nika Tillicum is the new and lasting friendships students make during their week on campus. We do accept classmate requests; however we encourage your child to meet new people. If your child wishes to request a roommate, there is a section on the online application to do so. Requests must be noted by both students on their applications. Please plan accordingly, requests not made by both students will not be honored. 

Where/What Are the Residential Halls Konaway Students Stay in?

Students stay on the Southern Oregon University campus in Shasta Hall within Raider Village. Students stay in rooms in close vicinity of their Senior Counselor, who stays in their own room independent of all students. Please indicate on your application or call our office for additional living accommodations. 

What/Where Will I Eat?

All meals will be served in The Hawk, which is part of the residential Raider Village. Students select from a wide variety of nutritious and well balanced foods. A vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are always available. Accommodations can always be made for students with food allergies or sensitivities. Dietary restricitons and allergies are reported as part of the accepted student paperwork.