22nd Annual Middle School State of Jefferson Scavenger Hunt
Hunt Dates: December 8-11, 2020
Adjudication Dates: December 16-18, 2020

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The Middle School State of Jefferson Scavenger Hunt

is a quality competitive event promoting intellectual curiosity and academic skill.

Developed and hosted by Southern Oregon University Pre-College Youth Programs, schools and school districts in Jackson, Josephine, and Klamath counties are invited to participate in this exciting and challenging event!

Learning groups not affiliated with a school or school district, who are interested in competing as a team in this year’s Scavenger Hunt should contact us to receive more information about eligibility and fees for participation.


Goals of the State of Jefferson Middle School Scavenger Hunt

  • To increase knowledge of how to access and critically analyze sources of information
  • To encourage team work in an academic arena, and reward intellectual curiosity
  • To offer experience in constructing persuasive arguments with supporting evidence
  • To emphasize the importance of organization, documentation and precision
  • To promote civil discourse and respectful argumentation skills


For Competition Rules, Procedures, and Inquiries

Holly Kilpatrick, Southern Oregon University Youth Programs Coordinator at 541-552-6390 or at kilpatrih@sou.edu.

(**The title State of Jefferson has been applied to these competitions for nearly 40 years and is used to denote the general geographical region that participants come from. There is not now, nor has there ever been, a political affiliation or intent attached to that title.)


What will be different in 2020?

  1. As with most school-year programming this Fall, Scavenger Hunt will be modified to respond to current circumstances. Here are the changes teams and coaches can expect for the 2020 season:

  2. The Bring-In portion of the competition will take place in the weeks ahead of the Hunt this year. Coaches are encouraged to use the Bring-In portion to build their team and establish collective work systems. The “Bring-Ins” will be submitted through photo and video documentation rather than physical objects this year. Adjudication for the Bring-In portion of the hunt will take place over Zoom. During that Zoom call, students will have a chance to support their photographic and video evidence to the Bring-In judges.

  3. The Hunt itself will remain much the same as in past years, with the addition of short scheduled times for each school to have a window of exclusive access to the Hunt Director during the hunt to have their questions answered.

  4. Adjudication will happen virtually via Zoom, and will be a bit different this year. As usual, each team will submit their final answers and citations at the end of the Hunt. A few days later, each team will receive their opponent’s answers and citations to review and score. Each team will have a scheduled virtual adjudication date and time, where they will meet with the adjudication panel and hear how their opponents evaluated their answers and citations, and what score they were offered. Teams will then either accept the proffered score, or present their documentation and argue their case for additional points before the adjudication panel. The Monday following adjudication, final post-adjudication scores and 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners will be announced.
  5. Teams will be asked to supply a headshot of each of their team members when they submit the team roster. These photos will be used in lieu of the usual team photographs when the participants and victors are announced on our web page and the press release is sent out.

Questions? Please contact Holly Kilpatrick, SOU YP Programs Coordinator, at kilpatrih@sou.edu or 541-552-6390.

Lithia LogoWe are very grateful for support from Lithia4Kids, which makes our Academic Competitions possible.

2019 Wrap Up:

21st annual Middle School State of Jefferson Scavenger Hunt

Over 275 students, representing thirteen middle schools participated in the 2019 Middle School Scavenger Hunt competition, with over 250 participating the two days of adjudication on SOU campus.

Division B kicked off our adjudication days on Tuesday December 10th. Six schools practiced their civil argumentation skills and presented their research throughout a fun day of competition.

Congratulations to Scenic Middle School for their first place win with 154 points, out of a possible 259 total!

Hanby Middle School placed second with only a 4 point spread with 150 points.

Eagle Point Middle School came in a close third place with 142 points.

Special recognition to Rogue River Middle School and North Middle School, our runners up in 4th & 5th places. And, a very warm welcome to Kid’s Unlimited who worked hard in their first year participating.

scenic with Trophy

                                                                                                Tuesday's 1st Place Team: Scenic Middle School

Hanby Team Photo

                                                                         Tuesday 2nd Place Team: Hanby Middle School

Eagle Point Team Photo

                                                         Tuesday 3rd Place Team: Eagle Point Middle School


Division A packed the Rogue River Room on Wednesday December 11th. What intense competition we witnessed in Division A this year, with very slim margins between the scores of our top three schools!

Congratulations to Logos Charter School for their first place win with 249 points, out of a possible 259 total!

Ashland Middle School was “hot on their heels” with a 2 point spread in second place with 247 points.

Talent Middle School came in third place with 234 points.

Special recognition to Willow Wind and Valley Schools, our runners up in 4th & 5th places.

Logos all smiles with trophy

                                                            Wednesday 1st Place Team: Logos Charter School 

Team Ashland Middle

                                                              Wednesday 2nd Place Team: Ashland Middle School

Team Talent MS

                                                               Wednesday 3rd Place Team: Talent Middle School

We congratulate all the teams this year on a job well done! Your devotion to seeking out the answers and your formidable competitive spirits really shone this year.


Talent All Smiles with Coach  Wed Puzzle challenge cropped

Willow Wind  Eagle Point v Hanby

Ku and North all smiles  Hedrick Girls at the Table  Talent v Ashland

A tremendous thank you to our volunteers who make this event possible: Steve Boyarsky, our long-time moderator who engages the students with humor and wisdom. At our judges’ table: retired attorneys David Ingalls and Tim Egan, and retired teacher Bill Gabriel use their sound judgment to help settle disputes. Our scorekeepers Kim Gabriel and Carryl Breon, both retired teachers, provide accurate and timely updates on our mounting scores throughout the day.

SOU Youth Programs coordinator Holly Kilpatrick executed the event with the tremendous support of staff members: Youth Programs Assistant Director, Katherine Gosnell, Office Specialist Mary Katie Brown, who also served as our Bring-In judge extraordinaire, and our Student Office Assistants Karma Mills-Morrow and Cayley Busenkell who served as our event support staff. Thank you to Lithia 4 Kids and the school districts in Jackson and Josephine counties who financially support this program!

Of course, we can’t go without saying a HUGE THANK YOU to Jim Impara, our fearless Hunt Director, who leads us through a research expedition each year challenging us with his fascinating questions. Thank you, Jim!  

  McLoughlin at the Judges Table croppedTalent 3rd Place PlaqueScorekeepers Kim and Carryl

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