November 7, 8 & 9

2017 Hunt questions link
2017 Hunt questions with answers link
Adjudication November 14 & 15, 2017
The Middle School Scavenger Hunt will take place at the Stevenson Union, in the Rogue River room located on the campus of Southern Oregon University.

*NEW Divisions 2017

Tuesday, November 14th Check in from 8:45-9:15 Rogue River Room   
Eagle Point, Lorna Byrne, North, Rogue River, South, White Mountain, Valley

Wednesday, November 15th Check in from 9:00-9:30 Rogue River Room  
Ashland, Hanby, Hedrick, Logos, McLoughlin, Scenic, Talent, Willow Wind 

The 19th annual Middle School State of Jefferson Scavenger Hunt
Over 400 students, representing fifteen middle schools, participated in this year's competition with over 260 students joining on the day of the adjudications held in the Rogue River Room at Southern Oregon University. For day one, we offer congratulations to The Valley School for a first place win with 123 points coached by Jared Doshier, Erica Neyt, and Sara Derek. Rogue River Jr./Sr., coached by Bryan Debolt took second place with 111 points and South Middle School, coached by Erica Butler took third place with 107 points. Other participating teams on day one were from White Mountain, North, Lorna Byrne and Eagle Point.

2017 1st place Valley    2017 2nd Place Rogue River   2017 3rd place South 
         The Valley School, 1st Place                      Rogue River Jr/Sr, 2nd Place                        South Middle School, 3rd Place

For day two, we offer congratulations to Talent Middle School for a first place win with 145 points, coached by Sandra Tringolo. Ashland Middle School took second place with 141 points, coached by Karl Pryor and Debbie Larson. Logos Charter School took third place with 139 points, coached by Chris Van Ness and Amy Seaman. Other participating teams on day two were Hanby, Hedrick, McLoughlin, Scenic and Willow Wind.

 2017 Talent Wed 1st place  2017 AMS Wed 2nd place  2017 Logos 3rd Wed   
           Talent Middle School, 1st Place           Ashland Middle School, 2nd Place                 Logos Charter School, 3rd Place

2017 Bus and Minibus Parking
School buses and minibuses transporting students must go directly to Parking Lot #36 on Mountain Avenue. Please park in the back of the lot away from Mountain Avenue.

Teams must walk a short distance from Parking Lot #36 to the Stevenson Union.
2017 Private Vehicle Parking
Parking Permits will not be issued to parents and family members. Free street parking is limited. Metered parking lots are available.

The State of Jefferson Scavenger Hunt questions were constructed with the intent that all answers could be found in a middle school, branch library and/or the Internet. The teams are encouraged to use people resources (teachers, parents, community members) to get tips and leads if they come to an impasse or did not know how to proceed.
The goals of the State of Jefferson Middle School Scavenger Hunt are: 

  • Students will increase knowledge of how to locate information.
  • Students will learn teamwork and organization in an academic arena.
  • Students construct a persuasive argument with supporting evidence.
  • Students will learn the importance of precision.
  • Students will have fun with academics.

Coaches Corner

  1. Scavenger Hunt Rules (PDF)
  2. Scavenger Hunt Advice (PDF)
  3. Adjudication Procedures (PDF) 

 2016 Questions and Answers

Part I: Dedicatee:

1. Watch the following:  The win propelled the dedicatee’s team to the finals.  At the end of this game, how many career wins did the dedicatee have? (2 points)

Answer:   Win 620


2. What college did the dedicatee graduate from? (2 points)

Answer:   Southern Oregon College


3.  What did the dedicatee minor in? (2 points)

Answer:  Mathematics


4. What is the dedicatee’s “secret to player motivation”? (2 points) 

Answer: The Value Point System and 6 Daily Drills


5. Who is the dedicatee? (F&L) (2 points) 

Answer:  Danny Miles


Part II: General Knowledge-Print and Internet Based

1. Rosebud was part of the name once used by this person.  This person had so little need for a limousine that it was given away.  This person appeared on a mayor’s doorstep at 9pm on a Sunday to work a land deal, demanding the mayor go to the development site.  Who was this person? (Title and name) (2 points)

Answer:  Mother Teresa


2. What was the quote attributed to this developer (question #1) when the mayor said he would get on it the next morning?  (2 points)

Answer: “The work of God cannot wait until tomorrow morning.”


3. The original melodies from the three following selections share a common use.  The first and the third are the original settings of the compositions, the second is an arrangement.  What is the common use? (2 points) 

Please listen 

Answer:  National anthems


4. Who is the original composer of each melody?

             Song 1 (FML) (3 points)   

Answer:  Franz Josef Haydn

              Song 2 (FL) (2 points)            

Answer:  John Bull

              Song 3 (FML) (3 point)  

Answer:  John Stafford Smith

5. With the discovery of a hidden star, scientists now dare speculate they have solved an unknown that has vexed researchers for centuries.  What modern technique has been used to locate the star and possibly solve this mystery that dates back over 400 years? (2 points)  

Answer:  X-ray spectroscopy


 6. What is the mystery in Question #5? (2 points) 

Answer:  What happened to the Lost Colony (or similar name)


7. It was studied for 12 years and found it can make you live years longer and you only have to do it for around ½ hour a day.  What is this secret to longer life?
(2 points)

Answer:  Book reading


8. This inscribed chalice can hold a little over 8 liters.  In its venerable history it stored cereal, horse feed, human excrement, beer, champagne, and been used in a baptism.  What is the name of the chalice?  (2 points) 

Answer: Stanley Cup


9. Who is the last known person to inscribe the chalice in Question #8? (F&L)
(2 points) 

Answer:  Louise St. Jacques


10. Almost immediately upon passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, individuals brought suit to declare the Act unconstitutional.    In arguing that Article II of the Act was unconstitutional, what part(s) of the Constitution did opponents use as an argument to nullify the Act? (2 points)

Answer:  Amendments V and XIII


11. What part of the Constitution did the Supreme Court find upheld Art. II? (2 points) 

Answer:  Commerce Clause


12. In order to circumvent the Jim Crow laws and customs of the South, a book was published as a guide to establishments who would serve blacks as they traveled through the South.   What was the name of this book? (2 points)

Answer:  The Green Book


13. What is the little boy’s name? (F & L) (2 points)

Boy touching Obama's hair

Answer: Jacob Philadelphia


14. When the little boy asked if he could touch the President’s hair, what was President Obama’s reply? (2 points)

Answer: “Touch it, dude!” Mr. Obama said.


15. In rural China, poor performance in the banking sector can have serious repercussions.  At a training seminar, bankers were divided into groups and then performance was reviewed from top to bottom.   The groups were then categorized based on the performance.  Each member of the bottom performing group was punished in front of the other bankers.   What happened to the bottoms?  
(2 points)  

Answer: They were spanked.


16. These two leaders died one day short of 681 ½ years apart.   Horses figured prominently in the rise of each and the fall (literally and figuratively) of each of these warriors.   Each probably died from complications caused by the same happenstance.  Who are the two leaders? (F&L, L) (3 points) 

Answer:  Genghis Khan and Geronimo


17. Complete success had not happened since 1978, but he was the 14th to get as far as he did since 1978.  He then became the first to succeed in 37 years. Who succeeded (F&L) (2 points) 

Answer:  American Pharoah


18. To avoid competition, he chose to work in garbage collection, recycling and even a type of cannibalistic behavior.  Who is this 71 years old?  (F&L) (2 points) 

Answer: Yoshinori Ohsumi


19. How was the person in Question #18 recently acknowledged? (2 points) 

Answer: He was awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.


20. While shopping in an Iceland, how did a solitary elderly shopper fend off a female with questionable motives? (2 points) 

Answer: Hit her repeatedly with a packet of bacon.


21. This English pastime was named for an association to avoid confusion.    The name is now used regularly, but only geographically.  How do we identify this endeavor?
(2 points)

Answer:  Soccer


22. Though at first blush he seems like a dummy, Graham has abilities that no common idiot has.  What ungulate description is given him by an admiring artist that allows him to spring load out of trouble? (2 points) (Hint: It is acceptable to cite video on this one.) 

Answer:  Hoof-like incredibly strong legs


23. In the farthest north of the colonies established by the Spanish in what they knew as "Pascua florida", how many Jesuits were originally stationed there? (2 points)   

Answer:  Eight


24. According to a letter from one of the Jesuits from Question #23, the Father forbade what practice? (2 points) 

Answer:  Bartering with the Indians.  


25. Though his notes on the subject seemed immaterial to later scholars, closer examination, once you ignored the woman (remember beauty will not endure) showed he had made correct conclusions well before the previously accepted start of tribology.  Who was the scientist/engineer credited with the ground breaking work in tribology? (F&L) (2 points)

Answer:  Leonardo daVinci


26.  A Muslim like his father before him, this commander led pre-Columbian expeditions in order to awe and to establish relations with people in lands to the south and west of his non-Muslim homeland.   What was the honorific title of the commander of the expeditions? (F&L) (2 points)

Answer:  Zheng He


27. A participant on at least one of the expeditions in Question #26 wrote the following:                       

[There lies] the Lui mount country by Weak waters’ southern shore;
an endless route they traveled,  and dangerous and sore.
They wished to go to the Western Lands, from afar they fixed their eyes;
But [they] only saw the glint of the waves as they joined with the green of the skies.

What is the Lui mount country? (2 points)

Answer:  The Maldive-Laccadive island group


28. On an August day it collapsed.   Redolent for a little over three days, its type is the largest of what in the kingdom? (2 points) 

Answer:  It is the largest unbranched inflorescence in the plant kingdom.


29. ISIS has affected many peoples’ lives.  In order to deflect increased scrutiny, this person has assumed new identities.   He has appeared as a John, a Charlie, and an Elliot.  What is the name he officially uses now? (F&L) (2 points)

Answer:  Michael Caine


30. It has the unusual property of being an organism able to produce a protein crystal.   The crystals are time released.  Among milk producing organisms, its milk is more nutritious than any animal.   What is the organism referred to? (Genus & Species) (2 points) 

Answer: Diploptera punctata

Source: cockroach-milk-yes-you-read-that-right

31. Coopers may have killed him, maybe rabies, no one knows.  In an annual tribute roses and brandy mysteriously appear at the gravesite.   When was the last time the tribute mysteriously appeared at the gravesite? (m/d/y) (3 points)

Answer:  January 19, 2009


32. The 1820 presidential election happened during a time known the Era of Good Feelings; one recent historian has written it was more an Era of No Feelings.  How many residents of the third largest American urban place voted in the 1820 presidential election?  (2 points)

Answer: 568


33. The movie opens in a pet store in San Francisco, the leading lady was known for being a star for a diet drink commercial and the director was an Englishman who got his start in silent movies.   What are the names of the two dogs seen exiting a San Francisco store near the beginning of the movie? (F,F) (2 points)

Answer:  Geoffrey and Stanley


Part III: Where or What in the World?

1. What was the original use for this building? (2 points)
City Hall

Answer: City Hall

In what city is this building located? (1 point)

Answer:  Atascadero

2. What is the white line? (2 points)

Cockroach milk

Answer: Cockroach milk

Source: cockroach-milk-yes-you-read-that-right

3. In what city is this mural located? (2 points)

city mural in Soledad

Answer: Soledad

In what year was this created? (2 points)

Answer: 2002


4. What is the name of this event? (2 points)

Event named Eid al-Fitr

Answer:  Eid al-Fitr

What is the location where this photo was taken? (State & Country) (2 points)

Answer:  West Bengal, India


5. What is the name of the Mid-Western college campus where this photo was taken? (2 points)

Oberlin College campus

Answer:  Oberlin College


Part IV: Music

1. What  is the name of the composer (F&L) (2 points)

 Listen to identify composer here

Answer: Gustav Mahler

            What is the title of the movement this excerpt is from? (2 points)

Answer:  Trauermarsch

2. Who is the lyricist? (F&L) (2 points)

 Listen to identify the lyricist here

Answer: Robert Burns

             Who is the singer? (F&L) (2 points)

Answer: Frank Stanley



Where was the drummer playing for this video born? (City and state) (2 pts.)

Answer: Westminster, MD


4.  What was the performer in this 1976 video doing when his grandson told him he was famous? (2 pts.)

Answer:  Peeling potatoes


5. Who are the two dancers? (F&L) (4 points) 

Watch to identify dancers

Answer:  Jackie Chan and Sonu Sood

Source: twsrc%5Etfw

6. Within the lyrics to this song is the first use of what term that applies to a particular musical genre? (2 points)

Listen for the term

Answer: Heavy Metal


7. Who composed this melody? (F&L) (2 points)

 Listen for the composer of this melody

Answer: Pyotr Tchaikovsky


Part V: Bring-in Items

1. A blooming amaryllis-4 points or
    an amaryllis bulb with leaves-2 points or
    amaryllis bulb-1 point

2. Bring in a photo (or copy of a photo) of the dedicatee-2 points

3. Ticket to the 2016 U. S. Olympic trials-4 points (Don’t be afraid to ask everyone you know)

4. Bring in the signature of a current employee who has worked in your school district the longest, with verification from your district.

  1. Longest (from all districts presented) working-4 points
  2. Second (from all districts presented) longest-3 points
  3. Third longest (from all districts presented)-2 points
  4. Any verified signature-1 point

5. Using the answer to #4 in the Dedicatee Part I, find the rating for the 2015-2016 season performance of Dillon Brooks.  Assume he had 114 fouls and took 10 charges. (4 points)

Points will be awarded by the Hunt Director as follows:
One point for finding Dillon Brook’s statistics.
One point for setting up the equation correctly.
Two points for getting the correct answer.  Round to the nearest 1/100th

6. Bring in a copy of a photo showing workmen having a break on the job while this building is under construction. 
(2 points)

  Building under construction    Workmen having break on the job