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 40th Annual High School SOU YP Scavenger Hunt
November and December 2022!

The High School SOU YP Scavenger Hunt is a quality competitive event that promotes intellectual curiosity and academic skill.

Developed and hosted by Southern Oregon University Pre-College Youth Programs, schools and school districts in Jackson, Josephine, and Klamath counties are invited to participate in this exciting and challenging event!

Goals of the SOU YP High School Scavenger Hunt

  • To increase knowledge of how to access and critically analyze sources of information

  • To encourage team work in an academic arena, and reward intellectual curiosity

  • To offer experience in constructing persuasive arguments with supporting evidence

  • To emphasize the importance of organization, documentation and precision

  • To promote civil discourse and respectful argumentation skills

How will the hunt go in 2021?

Due to current infection rates for COVID-19 SOU Youth Programs will be offering a virtual Scavenger Hunt. Below are the changes teams and coaches can expect for the 2021 season:

  1. The Bring-In portion of the competition will take place in the weeks ahead of the Hunt this year. Coaches are encouraged to use the Bring-In portion to build their team and establish collective work systems. The “Bring-Ins” will be submitted through photo and video documentation rather than physical objects this year. 
  2. The Hunt itself will remain much the same as in past years, and we are keeping the short scheduled times for each school to have a window of exclusive access to the Hunt Director during the hunt to have their questions answered.
  3. Adjudication will happen virtually via Zoom as we did last fall. Each team will submit their final answers and citations at the end of the Hunt. A few days later, each team will receive their opponent’s answers and citations to review and score. Each team will have a scheduled virtual adjudication date and time, where they will meet with the adjudication panel and hear how their opponents evaluated their answers and citations, and what score they were offered. Teams will then either accept the proffered score, or present their documentation and argue their case for additional points before the adjudication panel. 

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