December 5 - 7  

2017 Hunt questions with answers link

Adjudication on December 12, 2017 

 35th annual High School State of Jefferson Scavenger Hunt
Over 260 students, representing eleven high schools participated in this year's competition with over 150 participating the day of the adjudication. Congratulations to Logos Charter School for their first place win with 174 points! Ashland took second place with 148 points and Grants Pass High School took third place with 145 points. The total number of possible points was 180 including eight Bring-in items.

2017 Logos 1st Place 1700 2017 Ashland HS 2nd Place   2017 Grants Pass HS 3rd Place 
       Logos Public Charter School, 1st Place               Ashland High School, 2nd Place       Grants Pass High School, 3rd Place

A big thank you to the volunteers who come out to make this event possible. Steve Boyarsky, retired SOESD Superintendent moderated; a side note that many of you might not know is that he brought this event to us all those many years ago! At our judges’ table were retired attorney David Ingalls and retired teacher Bill Gabriel. Or super score keepers were Kim Gabriel and Carryl Breon, both retired teachers. Thank you Mary Katie Brown for being in charge of our Bring-Ins. Lithia 4 Kids and the school districts in Jackson and Josephine counties financially support our programs.

We can’t go without saying thank you to Jim Impara, our Hunt Director, who challenges us with his wide variety of questions and taking on us a journey of research along the way.    

The State of Jefferson Scavenger Hunt questions were constructed with the intent that all answers can be found in a high school library, branch library, on the Internet and using community resources. The teams were encouraged to use human resources (teachers, parents, community members) to get tips and leads if they came to an impasse or did not know how to proceed. 

The goals of the State of Jefferson High School Scavenger Hunt are:  
1. Students will increase knowledge of how to access information.  
2. Students will learn teamwork and organization in an academic arena.
3. Students construct a persuasive argument with supporting evidence.
4. Students will learn the importance of precision.
5. Students will have fun.


State of Jefferson High School Academic Scavenger Hunt 2016 Questions
Part I: Dedicatee:

1. In 1946 the dedicatee from last year sold his house to the dedicatee for this year.  Who was the et ux listed as a buyer? (FML) (3 points)

Answer: Helen Simpson Jackson

2.  The dedicatee was involved in many civic activities.   He helped found an organization that figuratively enumerated the number of friends joining together.  How many other symbolic friends were there in addition to the dedicatee? (2 points)

Answer: 999

3. The dedicatee was a power broker, both literally and figuratively.  What was the highest office he held that literally dealt with power? (2 points)

Answer: CEO of Pacific Power and Light (or COPCO)

4. How did the dedicatee’s high school career end? (2 points)

Answer: He was expelled.

Part II: General Knowledge-Print and Internet Based:

1.  During a late night television interview introducing a children’s book coauthored with her daughter, a singer/actor/Dame Commander was asked, ironically, if she ever used a nanny.   Later in the interview she was asked if she could step into a role she created that was, at the time, on Broadway.  Her response was surprisingly profane for a paragon of nannies.  During the interview whose ignominious end did she refer to? (3 points) 

(You may use a video source for this answer).

Answer: Richard III

2. The show referred to in the question above was playing on Broadway at the time, what city did the talented title role Broadway performer grow up in? (City and state) (2 points)

Answer: Talent, OR

3.  The playwright endured two years hard labor and eventually died at the age 46.  During his lifetime he had never heard of the group performing in the following video.  (
However, in a satirical play he wrote, an English lord is quoted with what seems to be a prescient reference to the performers.  What is the quote referring to the performance? (3 points)

Answer: “I can resist everything but temptation.”

4. Watch the video of one of the great finishes in NCAA Basketball Championship history.
Of the people seen on the video, who has won the most Olympic gold medals in basketball? (F&L) (2 points)

Answer: Michael Jordan

5. This Spanish road dates back to the 18th century.  It leads to a building that inspired, but could not be used for, the final scene of a famous movie from the 1950s.  What was the reason the building not be used for the climactic moment in the movie? (2 points) 

Part II Spanish road for question 5 Answer: The bell tower had rotted and was torn down.

6. Some said the group she became part of was an army of liberation.   At the time she was labeled a common criminal by the FBI.  She was involved in a kidnapping, bank robbery, and fatal shoot out.  Her influential and wealthy California family could afford high profile legal counsel, but she still received a sentence of 35 years, eventually reduced to seven years.  She was referring to what event in her life when she stated, “I don't know what I did wrong.”?
(3 points) 

Answer: Her daughters own cats.  

7. He opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, specifically Arts. II and VII.  His vote against the Act, which he argued was based constitutional principles, was to the immediate detriment of his career aspirations.  Best known as a pol, he inherited the family retail store business and in his twenties he popularized underwear consisting of images of red ants on white shorts.  What did he call his designer underwear? (2 points)

Answer: Antsy pants

8.  Enraged that over 90% of his income was liable for taxes, he penned an anti-tax song identifying two leaders of the major political parties.   The song led off the album.  Who was the more conservative leader mentioned in the song? (F&L) (2 points)

Answer: Edward Heath

9. In an odd coincidence the sum of the day and month equals the two-digit year of a mug shot.  The mug shot, in black and white, misses the famous sparkling blue eyes of this heartthrob. What is the date of this photo? (3 points)

Answer: 11/ 27/ 38

10. The first two digits of the police filing number in Question #9 is coincidentally the answer a fictional super computer gives to eternal questions.    The questioners are shocked by the answer.  Another even more powerful super computer is built to answer their questions.  In the book, what is the name of this new super computer? (2 points) 

Answer: Earth

11. The scouting and signing process brought a very competitive organization in New York a promising young prospect, Speedo.  This season, what part did Speedo play for the organization? (2 points)

Answer: He sang Colline in La Boheme.

12. Greece (sic), the Pole and an Italian tradition were combined and reinstituted in an American city after a 19-year absence.  Who was the originator, in 1973, of the tradition that resumed May 2016? (F&L) (2 points)

Answer: Harry Crimi

13. At the end of this opera, what is the last motif we hear? (3 points)  Please watch
Answer: Redemption through Love  Or   Redemption by Love

14.  After over 16 hours of music, what kind of cadence does the composer use to end the opera cycle referred to in Question #13? (4 points)

Answer: Plagal  (or Amen) cadence

15. What is the sports expression the scene in the video in question #13 allegedly inspired?  (2 points)

Answer: “It ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings”

16. September 19th had just begun when an armed duo (they had a Glock 22 handgun) committed a robbery.  One of the robbers tried to leave an anonymous tip to rat on his accomplice, but by using his own phone led our local police to him.  During the robbery, how did the robbers disguise themselves? (2 points)

Answer: They wore camouflaged underwear on their heads.

17.  Independent Oregon politics can be like Las Vegas.   How did events on May 17 make this so?  (2 points)

Answer: The Independent party candidate was decided by a roll of the die.

18.  Researchers theorized that there was a causal connection with chewing.   After weaseling valuable research time, a finding on chewing was announced during a project using extremely sophisticated high tech equipment.  They conclusively showed that an overall loss throughout the project of many pounds resulted.    What was the project involved? (FML) (3 points)

Answer: Large Hadron Collider 

19.  The conflict revolved who controlled royalty.  Shakespeare wrote of the “apple of his eye”, and the power play involved the apple of the eye of the wealthy and Irish law versus a single person.    However, when the battle was over, this person was victorious.  For the future, this person simply wants a nice garden. Who is this person?  (F&L) (2 points)

Answer: Taylor Swift

20. Two Academy Award nominees competed for the part.  Initially, one secured it for a little over $275,000.  However, in the end, neither of them got the part.  Both have been wealthy enough to at one time have owned an island.  The two competed for what part?    (2 points)

Answer: The fossilized skull of a Tyrannosaurus bataar.

21.  She helped fool Natalie Wood and was at the time was not given credit for her work However, Leonard Bernstein gave her money.   Who helped hoodwink Wood?
(F&L stage name) (2 points)

Answer: Marni Nixon

22.  History records she was born with these unusually beautiful eyes.   Only recently has science been able to locate the source of the beauty found in this pair of eyes.  With scientific precision, identify the base, responsible for the beauty in the pair of eyes, and the pair(s) of where one finds the source of her ocular beauty?  (3 points)

Part II Beautiful eyes question 22Answer: Molecular Location: base pairs 86,567,251 to 86,568,933 on chromosome 16 (Homo sapiens Annotation Release 108, GRCh38.p7) (NCBI)

23. Watch  Who is the dancer with Rudolph Nureyev? (F&L) (2 points) 

Answer: Graham Fletcher

24. Her busy schedule made it so she had not rocked out in a car but once in 7 ½ years.    Always busy, she was the 1:45 pm tour guide when she finally had a chance to rock out.   What was for her, “my song”? (A video citation is acceptable). (2 points)

Answer:  'This is For My Girls'

25. People are arguing that the printed copy that appeared on August 7, 1862 of an August 1862 speech documents the first recorded use of what? (2 points)

Answer: An emoticon

26. The humor and humility of this leader (refer to question #25) comes through in the last sentence of the speech.  What is the last sentence of the speech as it appears in the printed copy? (2 points)     

Answer: I have talked longer than I expected to do, [cries of "No, no -- go on,,'] and now I avail myself of my privilege of saying no more.

27.  Many thought it could explain the mystery of the dark part of existence.   It turns out its defining characteristic is that it is a model of coupling in a non-standard way.  It is a result of decay which can be observed as happening all around us, and its name implies fear.  
What is the unusual coupling that occurs? (2 points)

Answer: The new boson would couple to electrons and neutrons.

28.  The writer had fun with critics and reviewers.  Between pages 500 and 550 within the 748-page novel (paperback edition) he wrote, “Neither a city nor a civilization can be run by its critics.  Critics can neither build nor explore.  All they do, really, is say yes or no- and complicate it.  (Not book critics, of course.  They are second only to the angels)”.   After reading the book, whose title alludes to a Shakespeare play, the Times critic in a September 1983 review was apprehensive about adequately expressing the brilliance of the novel.   What character says what is in the italicized quote? (F&L) (2 points) (Note: you will need to cite this as a book, include the page number)  

Answer: Jackson Mead
Source:  Halprin, Mark. Winter's Tale. Mariner Books, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 1983, p.541

29. This photo was taken within one hour of the start of a wildfire.  The photographer was standing less than a mile from the location of the photos for Bring –in #3. What was the last updated cost of putting out this fire complex (3 points)

2016 HS Scav Hunt Knowledge 29

Answer: $22,220,837

30.  Your client is a foreign national and has been arrested and detained by U.S. authorities.   No charges have been filed against your client and there has been no arraignment.  Your client continues to be held and all indications are she will be held indefinitely.  Based on a 2008 Supreme Court case, what action do you file to force the federal government to produce your client in federal civilian court?  (2 points)

Answer: Writ of habeas corpus

31.  As an example to her children of the importance of contributing and giving back, his working mother sent $25 monthly to a college fund.  Keeping in the family tradition, he donated $50,000,000 to his alma mater.  He recently became the first non- New Yorker to lead a famous performance venue.  This self-made billionaire states his best employees have passion for the arts, especially musicMusic permeates his life, what does he do for outdoor recreation? (2 points)

Answer: Fly fishing 

32.  A fungus grew within a scar a man received at the end of a navel engagement.  The fungus grew for decades.  Australian chemists isolated the fungus and placed it in an anaerobic environment.  Using the fungal life cycle, they created an alliteratively named solution.  What is the three-word solution called? (3 points)

Answer: Belly Button Beer

33.  Digging into the core of a culture can be like peeling away the layers of an onion.  An inscrutable custom of one culture has befuddled the leading publication of another.  In November 2012 a 55 slide homage was erroneously published (and quickly withdrawn) as a result of what mysterious cultural practice? (2 points)

Answer: Art of satire

34.  In the spring of 2015, during a Saturday evening annual address, President Obama had use for a translator.  What is the name used by the translator? (2 points)                     (You may cite a video)

Answer: Luther the Anger Translator (or Luther)

35. Some politicians distribute leaflets, others kiss babies, and some even give luncheons to voters.   One U. S. representative found a way to draw voters to his Senate bid and promote how he would work on 2nd Amendment interpretations and issues.  What did he offer potential voters? (2 points)

Answer: An AR-15 assault rifle 

36.  When constructed it was billed as the loftiest of its kind in America.  Now it is the third tallest in this country, and it’s within 60 ground miles of the SOU campus.   What ranks number three in height the United States? (3 points) (A Google map may be used for the 60-mile bold citation).

Answer: The flagpole in Dorris, CA

Part III:  Where and What in the World

1.  Who is the person in this photograph from the 1920s? (F&L) (2 points)
2016 HS Scav Hunt Part III 1Answer: Etienne de Beaumont

2. Where is this located? (2 points)

2016 HS Scav Hunt World 2
Answer: Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport

3. What is the name of this building? (2 points)

2016 HS Scav Hunt World 3Answer: Churchill Hall 

4.  This photo was taken in Northern California.  Over 100 years ago this location was at the head of a transport device a ½ mile long with around an 800-foot drop.  What was the name of this device?   (3 points) 

2016 HS Scav Hunt World 4Answer: Pokegama Log Chute

5.  In what national park was this photo taken? (3 points)
2016 HS Scav Hunt World 5
Answer:  Channel Islands National Park

Part IV: Music and Sounds

1.  Scientists believe this is a recording of a murdered man.   His body was found high in the mountains, only exposed after a thaw.  According to scientists, whose recreated voice would this be? (3 points) To listen, click here

Answer: Ötzi the Iceman

2.  What is the name of this song? (2 points) Please listen to this song

Answer: I Saw a Maiden”

3. Created years ago, a lot of years ago, it is the short blips, not the background drone and wind sound, that are of great interest.  This records what event? (3 points) Please Listen

Answer: Gravitational wave caused by two black holes merging. 

4.  What line or lines are missing from this verse? (2 points)  Please listen to this verse                                                                    

Answer: Because your mind is on vacation and your mouth is working overtime.

5.  Who is the reader? (F&L) (2 points)  Please listen

Answer: Dylan Thomas

Part V: Bring-Ins

1. A rock formed at least 70,000,000 years ago.  You will need to show me the location where you found it.  (2 points) 

2. The lead singer in question #13 gives master classes throughout the world.  Bring in a program of a master class she gave closest to the site of the Scavenger Hunt adjudication.   (Hint:  Ask anyone who may be interested in opera).  (3 points)

3.  These photos were taken from a location in Oregon.  Photo A is of the second highest peak in its mountain range.  Photo B shows burned over area on a mountain.   The distance from the peak of the mountain in photo A to the photo location is 50.2 ground miles along a direct line 12’33.36” W of due north.   The mountain peak in photo B is 8.2 ground miles from the photo location.  Within 100 meters, locate the place where the photos were taken.  Submit a photo taken at an eye alt no higher than 8000’ with the location pinned with a placemark.  (3 points)

 2016 HS Scav Hunt Bring Ins 3

4.  I accompanied a friend to a NASCAR race.  A little shell shocked and sunburned, I had a few questions when it was over.   
       “Reginald,” I said, “they go round and round 200 times on track that is only 2.5 miles long and at the end of three hours they are right back where it all started.   In the process they make an awful lot of noise.  Is this truly the best Western civilization has to offer?”
       “Bubba,” Reginald replied, “if I am not mistaken does not your much vaunted operatic Ring cycle make a lot of noise and in the end the purloined gold is returned right back where it all started?  In the race we were fortunate enough to witness, the winner took a mere three hours, 20 minutes, to be precise.  Your opera cycle spans four operas and can run a merciless 20 hours.”   
       “Touché,” I acknowledged, “but certainly the racers must shorten their lives, even without crashing, just from the stress of traveling at high speeds in close quarters?”
       “Again the profundity of your ignorance astounds me.  While you were sitting still for three hours and 20 minutes, the knights of speed actually aged less than you.” 

            Assuming Reginald is correct, (he is) over the 3 1/3 hours how much less did the winner age than me? (2 points)     

5. Bring in what is symbolic of Nguzo Saba, set as it is to be traditionally displayed.  (3 points)

6.  Write a caption for this photo.  Judges award: 4 points- best, 3-points –second best, 2 points-third best, 1 point-caption completion.       

  2016 HS Scav Hunt Bring Ins 6