37th Annual High School State of Jefferson Scavenger Hunt

Hunt dates: November 5-7, 2019
Adjuducation date: WEDNESDAY November 13, 2019

Information below will be updated for current year's event as the event dates arrive:

2018 HS Scavenger Hunt Questions and Answers (PDF)

2018 Note from Hunt Director (PDF) 

2018 Scoresheet 

Coaches Corner

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2018 Wrap Up

36th annual High School State of Jefferson Scavenger Hunt
Over 260 students, representing eleven high schools participated in the 2018 competition with over 160 participating the day of the adjudication. Congratulations to Rogue River Senior High School for their first place win with 262 points! Grants Pass High School took second place with 257 points and Logos Charter School came in a slim third place with 256 points. In this year's hunt, 281 points were possible with the dedicatee, general knowledge and bring-in sections. We congratulate all teams this year on a job well done. Those questions were difficult!


Rogue River 1st place

         Rogue River Senior High School, 1st Place 



    Grants Pass 2nd place

Grants Pass High School, 2nd Place



Logos Charter 3rd place

Logos Charter School, 3rd Place


Coaches Beanie

Bring-In Question 1 Coach Test Wear


A big thank you to the volunteers who come out to make this event possible. Michael Mayerle, Rogue Valley attorney, moderated his first scavenger hunt!  At our judges’ table were retired attorneys David Ingalls and Tim Egan and retired teacher Bill Gabriel. Susan Bacon of the Ashland School's Foundation assisted with scoring the Bring-in items. Our score keepers were Kim Gabriel and Carryl Breon, both retired teachers. Staff members Mary Katie Brown and Jamie Kaufman were present for the execution of the event. Thank you to Lithia 4 Kids and the school districts in Jackson and Josephine counties who financially support our programs.

We can’t go without saying thank you to Jim Impara, our Hunt Director, who challenges us with his wide variety of questions and taking on us a journey of research along the way.    

The State of Jefferson Scavenger Hunt questions were constructed with the intent that all answers can be found in a high school library, branch library, on the Internet and using community resources. The teams were encouraged to use human resources (teachers, parents, community members) to get tips and leads if they came to an impasse or did not know how to proceed.  



Goals and Outcomes:  
Students will increase knowledge of how to access information.  
Students will learn teamwork and organization in an academic arena.
Students construct a persuasive argument with supporting evidence.
Students will learn the importance of precision.
Students will have fun!