Spring 2024 ASC Registration is closed.

Need to make a payment? Login through our online portal. Select "Non-SOU login". 

Important: Due to wider system updates, many ASC students and guardians have been receiving automated emails from SOU that do not apply to ASC student accounts.  
  • ASC account and registration emails will only come from our registration platform, Ideal Logic or Pre-College Programs at youthprograms@sou.eduASC students should ignore all emails about student accounts coming from SOU. 
  • ASC students should log into the ASC registration platform with their personal email address only. They should not activate SOU student email accounts or set up multi factor authentication.

If you are experiencing issues in our registration platform, contact Youth Programs at youthprograms@sou.edu or via phone at 541.552.6452 or 541.552.6899.

Please do not contact any other SOU offices as they may not be familiar with ASC and may misadvise you.

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