2020-21 Advanced Southern Credit (ASC) Online Enrollment 


We’re hoping to revisit this course idea and partnership with SOU's Social Sciences Division in the future, and will let you know if and when it will become available.  We appreciate your interest and hope you enjoy a restful summer.



Fall 2021 registration will open around mid-September. Have a great summer!

The registration process uses a system where student will create an account online with valid email address. You'll be able to register and pay at the same time per the registration steps listed below.

If you need any assistance, please email the Youth Programs office at youthprograms@sou.edu. Do NOT call the SOU IT Help Desk.



Returning users of the registration system:

If you had previously registered for ASC during or after Fall 2019, please click the "Account Login" button on the login screen. Once logged in you'll be directed to the registration page.

Other resources: 


Demographic Data Collection 

State law requires that SOU provide students the OPTIONAL opportunity to disclose gender identity and sexual orientation information. We are also collecting data on first generation status, ethnicity, and race for institutional research and statistical purposes. All demographic questions have "prefer not to answer" as an option, and responses we receive from you will be kept completely confidential and subject to FERPA laws.

Important Note about Student Privacy

Once a student registers for credit at Southern Oregon University through the ASC Program, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) provides that student with certain rights with respect to the privacy of their records, regardless of the age of the student. SOU employees are bound to honor those rights and cannot provide unauthorized persons (including a parent) access to the student’s record such as grades, transcripts, number of credits, classes taken, charges billed, or payments made, unless the student completes and submits a FERPA Release Form to us. Therefore, to keep paperwork and parental frustration to a minimum, we request that all enrolled students take full ownership of their status as Non-Degree Seeking SOU Students, including ordering transcripts, adding or dropping courses if necessary, and contacting us directly with any questions.

Tax Information

SOU does not require the disclosure of the student's Social Security Number (SSN) on the Registration Form. If you wish to receive a 1098-T as outlined in the IRS Code section 6050S, we must have the student's SSN for reporting qualified tuition. If you haven't previously submitted a W-9S form to us, student should complete Part I only of the W-9S tax form by entering the student's name and SSN. This form only needs to be filled out once in the time a student is taking ASC courses. Print and return the W-9S form to SOU Business Services attn: Tina Cripe, 1250 Siskiyou Blvd, Ashland OR 97520. Please note that SOU and/or SOU Youth Programs cannot give tax advice. Please seek the assistance of your tax professional. 

About the Program

Student/Parent Handbook 2019-2020

Instructor/Faculty Handbook 2019-2020

For more information, please watch our our video that showcases the dual credit opportunities for high school students to earn early college credit through SOU's Advanced Southern Credit and RCC's College Now Programs:

More Questions? 

Click here to view our ASC FAQ page

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The SOU Pre-College Youth Programs staff with cooperation from participating schools and instructors coordinate registrations, tuition payments, processing of submitted grades, course withdrawals/tuition refunds and calendar issues.