What is Advanced Southern Credit (ASC)?

ASC is a dual credit program in which high school classes are aligned to match an SOU course so that students can earn credit for "taking a course" from the university. Qualified instructors deliver ASC classes on their high school campus as an affiliate adjunct, and those classes appear on a transcript the same as they would if a student had taken that class on campus.  

What's the benefit of registering for ASC credits?

Advanced Southern Credit can be helpful if you are planning on going to college in the future.

Right now, while still in high school, you can take classes that can apply to your future college coursework. These credits are available to you now at a fraction of the cost for fully-enrolled college students. The early college credit a student earns while still in high school can shorten the time it takes to earn a college certificate or degree after high school, and save the student future tuition and fee costs.

How do I know which courses in my high school are offered for ASC dual credit?

Your high school counselor can provide you with a list of the ASC classes at your high school that are currently aligned with SOU for dual credit. They can advise you which classes you are eligible to take and how to add those to your high school schedule.

Alignment with SOU to offer college credit is attached to the both course and the specific instructor. Students may only register for ASC credits for classes they are currently enrolled in during the registration periods designated to that specific course and instructor.

How and when do I register for ASC credits?

Your high school teacher will tell you if your class is aligned with SOU for ASC credit and provide you with a registration information flyer when it's time to register.

Only students who are currently taking the SOU-aligned course with an approved instructor (and plan to complete that class) can register for the corresponding ASC credit. Students are responsible for ensuring they are registered in the correct course credit within the registration period and notifying our office of any errors within the refund window.

When it's time to register, your teacher will provide you with and a flyer with instructions for how to register online, and your unique class CRN (course reference number). They can also answer some basic questions about ASC, or refer you to our office for answers. 

Once you know your class is aligned with SOU, have your CRN, and your instructor has shared the registration flyer, you can log into our registration portal and register.

Do I only need to register once during the school year to receive all the available credits for my class?

Most (but not all) ASC classes will register for more than one section of credit if it's a year-long class. You will register for the second section of credit a couple of months after you've registered for the first section. 

Your teacher can tell you how many total sections of credit are available for your class and when to register for the next section of credit. 

Example: A yearlong Precalculus Course at your high school would be MTH111Z (fall registration) & MTH112Z (winter registration).

How much do I pay for Advanced Southern Credit?

ASC rates are a 75% discount on the cost of the regular tuition rate, and are exempt from student fees. This steep discount in credit costs can add up to save you time and money toward your future degree.

Some of our partner high schools also work with us to provide even further reduced rates to their students through district scholarships. And, Pre-College Programs offers a tuition waiver for students who income-qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced Meals program.

Information about which classes at your school are aligned with SOU for ASC credit, eligibility for Free and Reduced Lunch rates, district scholarship funds, and how to register for that credit can be obtained from your high school or through our office.

ASC Waiver Program for Qualifying Students

Students who income qualify for the federal Free and Reduced Price Meals Program may register online for one course per term (including lab if applicable) at one quarter of the already-reduced cost for a 4-credit ASC class. Additional ASC classes are billed at the traditional rate. Waiver slots are granted on a first-come/first-served basis. SOU Pre-college Programs will contact your school to confirm your Free/Reduced Meal status before marking your balance as paid in full.  

If a student is experiencing extreme hardship that makes them unable to pay even the most reduced rate, they should contact their school counselor to access any additional support their high school can offer. 

Can ASC tuition be refunded?

Refunds are available only if notification is given to the Pre-College Programs office by the deadlines listed on the registration instructions flyer. Beyond that deadline, no refunds can be given.

How do I know what ASC course credit to register for?

When it's time to register, your instructor will provide you with your class CRN (course reference number) and a flyer about how to register online through our office. Only students who are taking an aligned class with a currently approved teacher at their high school (and plan to complete that class) can register for the corresponding ASC credit.

Still not sure if your class is supposed to register for ASC credits? Every SOU term, our department publishes an ASC course list inside the registration portal. Please consult that list and confirm the listed CRN with your teacher. If you register for a course in error, you must contact our office within the refund window and report the error.

Some ASC courses are aligned with two terms worth of credit. If this is the case, you will register for one half of the available credit during the first registration period, and have the opportunity to register for the second half of the available credit during the following registration period. You are not required to register for the second term of corresponding credit for your class. You should monitor your grade and progress in the course and decide if it's in your best interest to register for the next section of your course's available class. 

What if I am not doing well in my class and no longer want the college credits? 

It is important for students to realize that the college transcript they are building in high school is permanent and can affect their post-high school academic goals. Students should be intentional about the courses and grades they allow to post to their college transcript.

ASC students are responsible to make note of the drop and withdraw deadlines provided in the registration information in case you’re unexpectedly struggling in the class and need to withdraw from your credits before grades post.

If you need to drop or withdraw from your ASC credit, all requests must be made by the student to our office in email by the published deadline and prior to the aligned coursework is completed. 

  • You may drop or withdraw from the ASC credit for your SOU course even if you are continuing to take the class in your high school and receiving a high school grade for the coursework.
  • Any drop or withdraw must be completed before you complete the aligned coursework for the credit. The student (not the parent, or counselor, or school) must reach out to our office and request to drop or withdraw from the course credit.
  • If you have met the published deadline for dropping the credit, no record of you having taken the course will appear on your transcript and you may be eligible for a refund.
  • If you notify our office by the published deadline to withdraw from the credit, then a "W" grade will be recorded on your transcript and will not impact your college GPA.

Students who face extraordinary circumstances that significantly impact their performance in their class should reach out to their ASC instructor and their high school counselor for assistance in determining the best course of action. We encourage these students to ask that their instructor and/or counselor notify the Assistant Director of Pre-College Programs that extraordinary circumstances are at play and inquire what strategies are available to assist a student in preserving a positive college transcript and GPA.

Will I also get high school credit for taking these classes?

Yes! Generally, ASC classes will be credited at both the high school and the university level. That is why this program is called a "dual-credit" program.

How do I get my ASC transcript sent to my future college?

Please see our Transcripts Ordering page

How do I view my grades just because I want to see them?

Please see our Transcripts viewing page

How will ASC credits transfer to other schools?

ASC credits are transferable to public colleges and universities within the Oregon university system and most other institutions inside and outside the state. SOU encourages all dual credit seeking students to research and know how the credit you earn in high school will transfer to the college you plan to attend and impacts your overall educational/career goals.

Contacting the admissions office of your intended future institution is the best way to predict which credits may transfer easily to your future college. Consulting the Oregon Transfer Compass information online may also be helpful. Students who need to provide their institution with syllabi from their ASC courses may reach out to our office with that request.

Students registering and earning college credit in high school must understand that they are transcripting college credit. Students should be intentional about the courses and grades they allow to post to their college transcript. It is recommended that dual credit students only have passing grades of A, B, and C on their transcript. SOU encourages all dual credit seeking students to research and know how the credit you earn in high school will transfer to the college you plan to attend and impacts your overall educational/career goals.

Regardless of how these credits transfer, during the application process most college and university admissions view early college credits like those earned in ASC as a key indicator of future college success. Research shows students who earn dual credit while in high school are more likely to finish college.

Who do I contact with a question about ASC credits?

We recommend contacting Miranda Stiles with any questions or concerns about ASC credits. Miranda can be reached at stilesm1@sou.edu or via phone at 541.552.6611.