What is Advanced Southern Credit (ASC)?

ASC is a program in which high school courses are taught at such a level that they can be awarded college academic credit. Qualified instructors whose courses have been approved by the supervising department at Southern Oregon University teach ASC courses on area high school campuses. Generally, these courses are offered each high school semester, and most carry four quarter credits.

What's in it for me?

Advanced Southern Credit can help you if you are planning on going to college. Right now, while you are still in high school, you can take classes that can apply to your college degree. Because these programs are available at a greatly reduced tuition rate, you and your family will save money and time as you work toward your undergraduate degree.

What is the difference between ASC SOU credit and taking the Advanced Placement (AP) Exam?

With the SOU credit through the ASC program, students walk away from high school with college credit on a University transcript. Your teacher will issue you a letter grade at the end of the term which shows mastery of the subject over the course of a semester/trimester, typically over 10-16 weeks with assignments, activities and tests. An AP exam at the end of the school year, is a several hour exam that you take to prove your mastery in the course. You are given a score from 1-5 which Universities can then take and make an evaluation on the score to make a decision on how much credit they will give you for that particular score. The SOU credit and the AP Exam are not mututally exclusive. Some schools require students to complete one or the other. Sometimes giving the option to do both. The AP Exam is administered through the College Board and registered for/paid for through your high school. Please contact your school for details on signing up for the AP Exam.

Why would I want to take college courses when I'm still in high school?

We've found that high school students enroll in college courses for a variety of reasons.
Some of these reasons are:

  • Getting a head start on college courses helped me decide what I wanted to major in.

  • I have completed most of their graduation requirements and I want to fill my time with worthwhile course work.

  • These courses will save me and my family a lot of money.

  • Having college credits on my academic resume looks good on my college applications.

How do I get my ASC grades to send to my future University?

Please see our Transcipts Ordering page

How do I view my grades just because I want to see them?

Please see our Transcipts viewing page

How much do I pay for Advanced Southern Credit?

For Fall, Winter, Spring 2019-20 the ASC courses cost $45 per credit hour, or $180 dollars per 4-credit course. If you took the class at SOU it would cost over $1300.

How do I know what SOU ASC course to register for?

At the beginning of the registration process, your high school teacher will tell your class what CRN (course reference number) your high school course is aligned with. They will also guide you on how to register for classes as well as answer some basic questions about ASC. Every SOU term, our department publishes an ASC course list. Please view our main ASC page for that list. 

Can I still register for classes after the deadline? 

Deadlines for registration are communicated to the high school students by their ASC teachers. Students missing the deadline for registration and wishing to register late may do so only at the discretion of  the SOU Youth Programs, Division of Outreach and Engagement. Requests for late registration will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be done within the term that the class is aligned with SOU. Most first semester classes are aligned with SOU's fall term and most second semester classes are aligned with SOU's winter term. There is NO retroactive credit available if you don't register within the term it's offered similar to if you were in college.

What if I am not doing well in my class and want to drop it? 

You will be registered for your class(es) soon after we receive your enrollment form along with full payment or scholarship confirmation.

If you need to drop a class, all drop requests must be made by the student to our office in writing (regular mail or email) by the due date listed below. Grades become part of your permanent college record and can affect future scholarship awards, so please make note of these dates in case you’re struggling in the class.

High School Semester Schedule

Fall 2020 Semester

Spring 2021 Semester

SOU Quarter (Term) Fall 2020 Winter 2021 Spring 2021
Registration Form and Payment Due   October   2020 February   2021 April   2021 

Latest Drop Date for Full Redund, No Grade Penalty

No refunds after this date.

October   2020 February   2021 May    2021

Latest Drop Date for "WD" (withdrawn) on transcript

Withdrawn has no effect on your overall SOU GPA.

October   2020 March   2021 May   2021


Will I get high school credit for taking these classes?

Generally, ASC classes will be credited at both the high school and the university level.

What are the qualifications of an ASC instructor?

The high school teacher must qualify for appointment as an affiliate adjunct instructor in the aligned division or program at SOU. At the minimum, this requires the teacher hold a masters (M.A., M.S. M.Ed. M.A.T. etc.) degree. In addition, the teacher should have advanced course work related to the course they are teaching, either as part of their undergraduate or graduate studies.

Do Early College Credits Transfer to Other Schools?

SOU credits awarded for ASC and EE courses are accepted by all public universities in Oregon. Most colleges and universities in the United States accept ASC and EE credits, but there may be differences in how the credit is applied. Universities may accept the credit as “elective" credit or credit towards a credit minimum that must be achieved for degree conferral. Others may apply the credit to specific requirements for a degree. In our experience, most colleges and universities will give early college credits like those earned in ASC and EE more weight than AP credits when a student submits an application. This may vary from school to school. If you have questions about whether a certain University will accept SOU credit, please reach out to the specific school that you are interested in for answers.