"The Pre-College Youth Programs office at SOU should be commended for developing a 'user-friendly' system with excellent results so that young people have a positive impression of university life in general and SOU in particular."
--Parent of Early Entry student

Registration Information

Early Entry Student Enrollment form 

To get started in Early Entry, please reach out to our office to get a meeting with our Assistant Director. 

For fall, winter and spring terms, students participating in the program receive advice and information from their high school counselors about selecting courses and registering for classes. High school counselors are provided with registration forms. The SOU schedule of classes is always available on the SOU site under Class Schedule. The Youth Programs office staff are available to preregister and advise students for the upcoming term. Preregistration is very important in order to get the classes the student desires. When registering for a class, ALWAYS identify yourself as an Early Entry Student.  Do NOT register yourself online or at the Enrollment Service Center. This will result in being incorrectly billed. Register in person at the Youth Programs office located next to Omar's Restaurant.

Tuition and Billing

The Fee for the Early Enrollment Program is $94.50 per credit (significantly lower than tuition paid by regularly admitted SOU students). Early Entry Students are responsible for additional course fees for specific classes (e.g. art, music, etc.); refer to the SOU Class Schedule for these fees. Bills are not always mailed before they are due, depending on the billing cycle and the time of your registration. All students, regardless of when they register, are responsible for paying their tuition by the first Friday of each term. Late fees, revolving charge fee, and interest will be assessed on any account balances existing after the deadline published in the SOU schedule of classes. Students should check the listing of dates in the SOU schedule of classes. These dates can now be accessed via the academic calendar. Students pay their bills through the Enrollment Service Center. There are a number of options available for paying your bill. Click this link to view these payment options. We recommend that you use the Family and Friends option when making a payment online and try to make online payments before the first Friday of each term.

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