Pirates to Raiders Students with Jon Chavez Baez

The Pirates to Raiders Program is a partnership between SOU and the Phoenix-Talent school districts that support Latino students as they gain the skills to access a college education. This partnership leverages a wide range of resources to prepare 8th grade students for high school success and college readiness by providing a continuing support structure of social and family assistance, academic support, mentorship and strategic programming through 12th grade.

The Program

Pirates to Raiders began in the Fall of 2011 at Talent Middle School. This pathway program is made possible with the collaboration of Southern Oregon University and the Phoenix-Talent School District. Each year, a new 8th grades cohort is selected to participate in the program. Southern Oregon University and Phoenix Talent School District are committed to working together to increase opportunities for Hispanic youth and families in the district.
Hispanic students in the Phoenix Talent School District (PTSD), in partnership with their own families, the school district, and the university, will begin a journey in the fall of their 8th grade year that when successfully completed, will lead to admission to Southern Oregon University and the opportunities provided by a university education.