July 14 - 21, 2019

Grades 9-12 (including graduating seniors)

About the Program

The Young Artists Institute is a week-long summer residential program, held in Ashland, Oregon on the Southern Oregon University campus. Students receive first-class instruction by professional artists in creative writing, poetry,  theater, and visual arts through intensive hands-on workshops, mentoring, evaluation and presentation of completed works. During the program accomplished artists will mentor students, supporting them to discover their own sources of inspiration and to help them deepen their craft. In addition, students will learn to effectively collaborate with artists from other disciplines to create unique joint artistic projects.

We bring together a combination of the richly talented artist-instructors living in the Rogue Valley and some of the best artist-instructors in the country to provide a one-of-a-kind experience. Students attending the Young Artists Institute have the opportunity to immerse themselves deeply into one focus area, while also exploring the beauty of multi-disciplinary collaboration through group projects with fellow students studying other artistic mediums.

2018 Young Artists Institute Brochure [PDF] 

The focus of the Young Artists Institute is:

1. To give students access to the way artists work and see the world.

2. To enable each student to discover his or her unique artistic voice.

3. To help students improve their skills as artists.


2016 YAI Poetry on rock formation 900 











Our goal is to provide a lively, supportive environment where students can stretch their talents, discover new strengths, and challenge themselves in the company of peers who share their interests. Come learn and create with other talented high school students who share your creative spark! 

Please call 541-552-6452 to be added to the Young Artists Institute mailing list. 

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2016 Theater Noses 900