Can I take my EE classes online?

Early Entry students are eligible to take online classes after they have successfully attended in-person classes at SOU for their first term in the program. Some rare exceptions may be offered at the discretion of the Youth Program staff. 

The Early Entry program is the only way for non-admitted high school students to access in-person or online classes at SOU.

How do I get a transcript and/or see my grades for SOU classes after they've posted?

See our page for instructions on accessing unofficial transcripts, and ordering official transcripts.

When is my EE bill due?

To avoid late fees you must pay the term’s bill by the first Friday of each term. If your school is paying for your EE credits, they will be billed. If they decline payment, the student and their family will be billed.

Am I eligible for a refund if I drop or withdraw from my EE class?

You are eligible for a refund if you drop your class/es by the term deadlines listed on the SOU Academic Calendar. EE students must drop and withdraw from their courses with assistance from our office. Requests to drop or withdraw must be made far enough in advance of the deadline for our staff to execute your request by the deadline.

What if I am home schooled? 

Home schooled students will need to provide transcripted grade records, test scores, and meet all the other criteria listed for eligibility (including a counselor recommendation). To discuss eligibility, please contact Miranda Stiles at  

What about Placement?

Some subjects (such as Foreign Language courses and Mathematics courses) may require placement tests in addition to meeting the college-level required prerequisites. Placement testing alone is not a substitute for the program eligibility requirement that a student's transcript demonstrate success in college level courses. If you are admitted to the EE program, the Youth Program staff can discuss the placement testing process with you prior to registration. Most required placement tests do not carry an additional fee. 

When can I register for my Early Entry course(s)?

Early Entry students who have already been accepted into the program may register during the registration period designated to them by Pre-College Programs through the link that is provided to students after their class choices have been approved by the Youth Programs staff.

This registration period uaully occurs several weeks before term starts. Early Entry students do not register through the larger SOU registration system. Registration is only available through Pre-College Programs. All university processes for EE students flow through the Pre-College Programs office only, not through campus offices and resources for fully enrolled students. 

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