How do I get a transcript or see my grades?

See our page on transcripts. 

When is my bill due?

To avoid late fees you must pay the term’s bill by the first Friday of each term.

Am I eligible for a refund?

You are eligible for a refund if you drop your class/es by the following dates: listed on the SOU Academic Calendar

What if I am Home Schooled?

Home Schooled Students will need to meet with Stephanie Butler, our SOU High School Coordinator to determine readiness to enroll in a college level course. Please call 541-552-6916 to make an appointment.

What about Placement Tests?

Some subjects, like Foreign Language courses and Mathematics course require either placement tests or proof that you have done the required prerequisites. Click here for information  (in right side box) about Foreign Language or Mathematics  placement testing.

When can I register for my Early Entry course(s)?

Early Entry students may register anytime after the announced preregistration date for an upcoming term for Non-Admitted students and the start of the term. This is now two weeks before the term starts. Your may call 552-6452 or 552-6899 for the exact dates. For the best course selection options we recommend registering as early as possible.