How do I get my grades?

To view or print an unofficial transcript with grades

Students can view their grades via the internet where it is possible to print an unofficial transcript. Here is the path. The first step is to go to the home page of SOU: At the top of the pageyou will see a link to "MY SOU" . Hit the button but do not attempt to sign in. Instead, look further down and see the "Alumni and Former Students" Section. At the bottom of that is a link that says "Log in to SISWEB."Hit that link. You will now be on the page to log in. You will input your Student ID Number (or your Social Security Number) and a PIN Number which is set to your birthdate. Use no dashes.

Student ID:    555667777
PIN:        051171

You will need to change this PIN for security reasons the first time you log in. Just follow the instructions on the screen. Please make a note of your new PIN. If you should lose this number you will  hit the  "Forgot Pin" button. This will reset your password to your birth date. If this doesn't work,  contact SOU Pre-college Youth Programs at 552-6452 or 552-6899 to have your PIN reset.

Once you are in SISWEB, go to the Student and Financial Aid tab. Then go to Student Records, then Academic Transcript, NOT request print transcript. Hit submit. You can view your records and print them here.

Students without internet access may visit the Division of Continuing Education (located next to Omar's Restaurant) and request a print out of their unofficial transcript.

To get official transcripts

Transcripts can be ordered in person or through the National Student Clearinghouse.on the SOU Enrollment For transcript fees, another place to get unofficial transcripts and for more information, please click here to be connnected to the Southern Oregon University's Enrollment Service Center webpage.

There are forms available for in-person transcript requests at the Enrollment Services Center Office in Britt Hall at the Ashland Campus and at the Welcome Desk at the HEC in Medford.

If you have any questions regarding transcripts, contact the SOU Enrollment Services Center Office at 541-552-6600.

When is my bill due?

To avoid late fees you must pay the term’s bill by the first Friday of each term.

Am I eligible for a refund?

You are eligible for a refund if you drop your class/es by the following dates:

  • For 100% tuition refund you must drop before October 9, 2016. No refunds after this date.
  • Last day to drop without being responsible for a grade is October 21, 2016.

What happens if I do not have my high school’s Early Entry counselor sign my SOU registration form?

Should you turn in a SOU registration form to DCE staff members without first getting your counselor’s signature, DCE will be unable to process your registration. You must have your counselor’s approval in order to participate in the Early Entry Program.

What if I am Home Schooled?

Home Schooled Students will need to meet with Stephanie Butler, our SOU High School Coordinator to determine readiness to enroll in a college level course. Please call 541-552-6916 to make an appointment.

What about Placement Tests?

Some subjects, like Foreign Language courses and Mathmatics course require either placement tests or proof that you have done the required prerequisites. Click here for information (in right side box) about Foreign Language or Mathmatics  placement testing.

When can I register for my Early Entry course(s)?

Early Entry students may register anytime after the announced preregistration date for an upcoming term for Non-Admitted students and the start of the term. This is now two weeks before the term starts. Your may call 552-6452 or 552-6899 for the exact dates. For the best course selection options we recommend registering as early as possible.