Winter Term 2020 Registration Information

Registration for preapproved students begins on Friday, November 6. Returning students, please refer to your program emails for links and information on registering. If you are new to the program and wish to take classes in SOU's winter term (Jan-March 2021) please email our Assistant Director, Stephanie Butler to get started! 

As a reminder to returning students, please take the time to consider the classes you will take in the upcoming term by looking at the Class Schedule. Be sure to pay close attention to the Notes column where information will be listed as to the delivery mode of the class (remote, in person).

About the Program

The High School Early Entry program is a program for high school students who meet the qualifications to take courses at Southern Oregon University for college credit and to help fulfill requirements for high school graduation. 

Who is eligible for Early Entry Classes?

Juniors and Seniors in participating local high schools are eligible for the program. Students who are approved for the program must work closely with their high school counselors to make sure graduation requirements are being met and that the SOU classes do not conflict with their high school schedule. Every potential Early Entry student will need to meet with our SOU High School Coordinator, Stephanie Butler. Please call 541-552-6916 or email to make an appointment. Southern Oregon University Outreach and Engagement staff provide support in registration, course selection and academic counseling for eligible students.

How does the program work?

SOU allows approved high school students to enroll in and attend courses on the Ashland and Medford campuses, while also completing high school graduation requirements at their local school. Students who wish to be considered will meet with their high school counselor and the Early Entry program coordinator to confirm that they are prepared to handle a college course outside of their high school environment.

The Early Entry Program offers a savings off of normal tuition prices. Approved students can register for 100 and 200 level courses at a current rate of $98 per credit, a savings of 50% off the regular SOU price per credit.

Registration Information

To get started in Early Entry, please reach out to our office to get a meeting with our Assistant Director. 

For fall, winter and spring terms, students participating in the program receive advice and information from their high school counselors about selecting courses and registering for classes. The SOU schedule of classes is always available on the SOU site under Class Schedule. The Youth Programs office staff are available to preregister and advise students for the upcoming term. 

Tuition and Billing

The Fee for the Early Enrollment Program is $98 per credit (significantly lower than tuition paid by regularly admitted SOU students). Early Entry Students are responsible for additional course fees for specific classes (e.g. art, music, etc.); refer to the SOU Class Schedule for these fees. Bills are not always mailed before they are due, depending on the billing cycle and the time of your registration. All students, regardless of when they register, are responsible for paying their tuition by the first Friday of each term. Late fees, revolving charge fee, and interest will be assessed on any account balances existing after the deadline published in the SOU schedule of classes. Students should check the listing of dates in the SOU schedule of classes. These dates can now be accessed via the academic calendar

Demographic Data Collection: State law requires that SOU provide students the OPTIONAL opportunity to disclose gender identity and sexual orientation information. We are also collecting data on first generation status, ethnicity, and race for institutional research and statistical purposes. All demographic questions have "prefer not to answer" as an option, and responses we receive from you will be kept completely confidential and subject to FERPA laws.

Important Note about Student Privacy: Once a student registers for credit at Southern Oregon University, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) provides that student with certain rights with respect to the privacy of their records, regardless of the age of the student. SOU employees are bound to honor those rights and cannot provide unauthorized persons (including a parent) access to the student’s record such as grades, transcripts, number of credits, classes taken, charges billed, or payments made, unless the student completes and submits a FERPA Release Form to us. Therefore, to keep paperwork and parental frustration to a minimum, we request that all enrolled students take full ownership of their status as non-admitted SOU students, including ordering transcripts, adding or dropping courses if necessary, and contacting us directly with any questions.


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