High school students can earn college credit while still enrolled in high school through Southern Oregon University. Whether a student is planning to attend Southern Oregon University or another school, this accelerated learning option of earning early college credit provides many benefits:

  • Helps students prepare for the academic rigors of college
  • Allows students to earn college credits that will apply toward their degree
  • Saves students money with reduced tuition rates

SOU Pre-College Youth Programs offers two ways for students to access college credit:

1) Advanced Southern Credit (ASC)

ASC offers students the opportunity to begin a university education while still in high school, without traveling to a university campus. Students take classes offered at their high school that have been approved by SOU, and enroll in SOU at a reduced tuition rate. Students complete ASC classes on site at their high school, and will earn an average of 3-4 college credits per class.

This program offers students a great way to get a jump on college requirements and save money at the same time. ASC tuition is currently $45 per credit, or $180 for a 4-credit class. This is a 75% savings off the regular SOU student price per credit.

Learn more about participating schools and classes, and how to enroll in ASC.

2) Early Entry (EE)

SOU allows approved high school students to enroll in and attend courses on the Ashland and Medford campuses, while also completing high school graduation requirements at their local school. Students who wish to be considered will meet with their high school counselor and the Early Entry program coordinator to confirm that they are prepared to handle a college course outside of their high school environment.

EE also offers a savings off of normal tuition prices. Approved students can register for 100 and 200 level courses at a current rate of $98 per credit, a savings of 50% off the regular SOU price per credit.

Learn more about eligibility for and enrollment in the Early Entry program.

Do Early College Credits Transfer to Other Schools?

  • SOU credits awarded for ASC and EE courses are accepted by all public universities in Oregon.

  • Most colleges and universities in the United States accept ASC and EE credits, but there may be differences in how the credit is applied. Some institutions will accept the credit as “elective" credit that can’t be applied to specific requirements for a major.

  • Most colleges and universities will give early college credits like those earned in ASC and EE more weight than AP credits when a student submits an application. This may vary from school to school.

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