Feburary 2021

Date, structure and process to be announced!

Southern Oregon Brain Bowl Tournament

In 2020, we have 10+ different high schools making up 20+ different teams. Teams come from all over Jackson and Cascade Christian students collaboratingJosephine counties. The Brain Bowl tournament is a trivia style competition where teams of students from local schools compete to answer questions from categories like geography, literature, video games and popular culture to win points. This round robin bracket competition allows all schools the opportunity to compete against each other. High School Brain Bowl competitors come to the university for an all day event. Junior varsity competition ends the same day as the tournament with a winner determined. Varsity finalists from the all day competition compete later in the spring on Southern Oregon PBS (Formerly named SOPTV).

Academic Competitions, such as Brain Bowl, are made possible by the generous support from all participating school districts, 

the staff and volunteers at Southern Oregon Public Television and from Lithia 4 Kids. 

Our gratitude is extended for their support of our academic community and for 

North Valley High School Teams

helping us celebrate a “life of the mind.”

Final Scores

2020 Scoreboard

2019 Scoreboard

Our Partners

Academic Competitions, such as Brain Bowl, are made possible 

by the generous support from all participating school districts/entities, and from Lithia 4 Kids. 

Thank you for supporting and seeing value in the academic programming we coordinate. 

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