Saturday, February 25, 2017

Varsity Bowl is the premier competition at the high school level. Teams generally include juniors and seniors who have competed on previous teams. The winning team from the regional competition has the opportunity to compete in a national competition. Varsity Brain Bowl will be held on Saturday, February 25, 2017.

Junior Varsity Brain Bowl competition is a preparatory competition for high school students to compete on a junior varsity team. These teams played in their own brackets competing against other JV teams. Junior Varsity Brain Bowl will be held on Saturday, February 25, 2017.

Championship 2017

Watch the Championship teams TBA play the final match for the Southern Oregon Middle School Brain Bowl Championship on Sunday, April 9th on SOPTV.

2016 High School Brain Bowl Results

Scoreboard (PDF)

This year’s 39th annual Southern Oregon Brain Bowl Competition had a total of 24 teams and over 130 students participating in this year’s tournament held Saturday, February 27, 2016 on the Southern Oregon University campus.
2016 South MFR varsity

Junior Varsity Division 2016

Junior Varsity Brain Bowl competition for high school Freshmen through Juniors was held in Taylor Hall at SOU.There were 12 teams from nine high schools representing both Jackson and Josephine counties.  The top 4 teams advanced from round robin competitions to include Ashland’s Red, North Medford’s Black, Cascade and St. Mary’s teams.  After VERY close and exciting semi-finals matches between these teams, the finalists were St. Mary’s School and Ashland High School playing for the Junior Varsity Championship. Both teams consisted of 4 team members with no substitutes where Ashland won by 3 points in a match that was tight throughout.  Congratulations to all teams who participated. 

                                                                   2016 Ashland JV champions                                                                                     2016 Junior Varsity Champion Team
                                                                                                 Ashland High School 

Varsity Division 2016


Varsity consisted of 12 teams from twelve high schools with Junior and Seniors participating in five rounds ofmatches in the Stevenson Union Building at SOU.  North Medford, Phoenix, Cascade, Hidden Valley, Rogue River and Grants Pass High Schools were in the Green Division.  Ashland, South Medford, St. Mary’s, North Valley, Eagle Point and New Hope were in the Yellow Division.  At the conclusion of the Varsity competition, four semi-finalists teams earned the spots to compete for the Varsity Brain Bowl Regional Championship title on Sunday, April 17th on SOPTV.  Watch Cascade go head to head with Ashland and North Medford take on St. Mary’s to determine the final match to determine the 2016 Champion from 5:00-7:00 PM.

The 2016 Varsity Sportsmanship Awards were presented to New Hope Christian and Cascade for graciousness, courteousness, being considerate of others, fun spirits and overall good sportsmanship behavior.  Congratulations to both teams and thank you for your positive attitudes.

Thank you

A special thank you goes out to Steve Jensen and Kim Gabriel who have continued to serve as our Brain Bowl Coordinators.  Carryl Breon, Diane Novak and Susan Bacon also served as leads in Headquarters for scorekeeping, question sets and division tracking throughout.  Thank you to all the community volunteers who joined as moderators, score keepers and time keepers for the event! Our appreciation extends out to Jackson and Josephine County School Districts, coaches and teachers as well as our sponsors Lithia 4 Kids and Southern Oregon Public Television for their continued donations and support of academic programs for kids.

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