Come to Southern Oregon University this summer for an unforgettable, hands-on, educational experience! 

Registration closes when capacity has been filled. No new registrations will be accepted after the Thursday prior to the start date for each camp.

What if I need to change or cancel my child’s registration?image to replace 6 8 yo photo

In the event a family needs to make a change to their student’s registration one week or more before the start date:

  • Families canceling a registration more than one week prior to the start date will receive a full refund minus our $50 non-refundable deposit. 
  • Or, if you prefer, your entire paid balance (including the $50 deposit) can be transferred to any other suitable and available SBTO class.
  • In the event that SOU YP must preemptively cancel a class more than one week prior to the start date, families will receive full refund including their $50 non-refundable deposit.

Less than one week prior to the start date:

  • Cancellation of any registration less than one week prior to the start date, but before the first day of class, will receive a refund of half the paid balance minus the $50 non-refundable deposit. 
  • We will do our best to accommodate (where possible) any requests for a transfer to another class. There will be a $25 transfer fee if the timing of this request is less than one week out from the first day of class. Since classes vary in pricing, any remaining balance must be paid at the time of transfer in order to complete your student's registration for the new class.
  • In the event that SOU YP must preemptively cancel a class less than one week prior to the start date, families will receive a full refund including their $50 non-refundable deposit.

After start date:

  • Sadly, SBTO is not able to accommodate any requests for a transfer after the start date of a class.
  • Cancellations after the start date of a class will not receive a refund. Nor can we offer a refund or credit for late, non-arrival, or early withdrawal after the start date of any class 
  • SBTO reserves the right to provide a short term substitute instructor and activity in the rare event of a short notice unforeseen instructor absence, in order to avoid last minute cancellation for families  

Should a family need to appeal any retention of funds due to extraordinary circumstances, they should contact our offices at or 541-552-6452 for resolution. Rest assured that SOU YP will act in good faith to accommodate transfers, credits, and refunds to the best of our ability should extraordinary circumstances occur. 

What about COVID-19?

For Summer Day Classes, masks are welcomed but not required. We will not be requesting proof of vaccination or negative test for this program. These guidelines are subject to change depending on State and Federal guidelines. 

Other programs or camps that SOU Youth Programs may offer may have different requirements. 

What about lunch and/or snacks?

We are mostly hosting classes that meet for four or fewer hours per day. Each student in a class less than four hours in length should bring a substantial non-sugar snack and a water bottle. Every class will include  an opportunity to take a break to consume a snack and water brought from home. No food is made available by SBTO for purchase on site. For the safety of our participants, SOU YP does not provide snacks or lunches.

If your student is enrolled in a class that last longer than four hours (9am to 1pm or 3pm), they will be asked to bring a sack lunch from home each day. Their lengthy class will include a supervised lunch break outdoors (or in a well ventilated space with social distancing if outdoors is not possible). No food is made available by SBTO for purchase on site. For the safety of our participants, SOU YP does not provide snacks or lunches.

**If your child’s class involves food-based activities (such as our culinary camps) you will be notified in your class information emails, and can determine if your student should also bring additional snacks or a sack lunch. Participants with dietary restrictions and allergies are encouraged to bring their own safe foods from home to consume on the days of food-based activities.

Is tuition assistance available for those in need?

During the online registration process, there will be a place in the online form you can fill out and submit to request tuition assistance. Tuition Assistance is limited to one class per child per year, and is sliding scale entirely based on need and is usually limited to half or less of the total cost of the class. Once the registration is submitted, our staff will review the information and respond within 1-2 weeks. Once tuition assistance is approved, applicants have one week to pay the remaining balance to confirm their student's registration.

Where will my child's class meet, and how will I find specific locations on campus?

All classes will take place on Southern Oregon University Campus in Ashland, Oregon unless otherwise noted in the class information. Click here to view a map of the SOU Campus. The week prior to the start date for your child's class, you will receive a reminder email with detailed information and the exact location will be included in that email.

Will SOU YP staff be able to walk my child to their next on campus class if I can’t?

SOUYP cannot offer supervision before, after, or in between scheduled classes.

However, in rare cases, we may be able to offer limited support in transitioning children who are scheduled for on campus classes that are in very close proximity and are scheduled to begin and end at the same time. If your classes meet the conditions for this support to be offered, it will appear as a pick-up permission option during the online registration process.

Approval of specific requests due to extraordinary circumstances are subject to staff availability, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Any requests should be made prior to registration if critical.

Can I come observe activities and/or take pictures of my child’s class?

SOU Youth Programs understands that parents or family members may want to see their child in action during a unique activity, and may want to record their achievements. However, we are responsible for making our classes a safe environment for all our students, and that does not allow us to permit visitors or personal photography/recording during our classes. We make every effort to safely share authorized images and video taken by SOU YP staff with families whenever possible. If your student’s class involves a performance or demonstration that is open to families, you will be notified of this opportunity and whether permission for photography or recording applies to that event.

Can I call or text my child during class hours?

We, along with many other youth programs across the country, enforce a no personal electronic device use policy in our camps and classrooms. We can appreciate the desire and occasional need to be in contact with family and friends while in class, however the risks of allowing campers to use personal electronic devices continue to outweigh the benefits in a classroom setting. Please rest assured that should you need to reach your student, or they should need to reach you, our on-site coordinator will assist with this communication in a timely fashion.

Will my child need to bring equipment or wear special clothing for their class?

All students should dress in attire appropriate for the activities they are registered for, including but not limited to: comfortable active shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, and clothing that can be stained by materials, etc. All other necessary equipment will be provided unless otherwise stated in the class description or registration confirmation email. For instance, photography students may be required to bring their own digital camera, or students using the recreation center may be required to wear closed-toe shoes to class. We make every effort to include all pertinent information about what to bring in the registration process, but if you have clarifying questions, please feel free to contact our office.

My child is really advanced for their age, are they able to take a class listed for an older age range?  

All class activities are designed to be age appropriate, and lesson plans have been written to target age-specific skills. Hence, only students who fall within the designated age range will be allowed to register for that class. Class descriptions may not fully detail all the ways a class is tailored to the designated age range, but please rest assured that each enrichment class has been planned to connect students with their peers and provide engaging learning opportunities. If you have clarifying questions, please feel free to contact our office.

How do I let my child’s teacher know about my child's special circumstances or needs?

In the registration form, there is a question that asks if there is “anything else you’d like us to know about your child”. This is the place to note anything important that the instructor and on-site coordinator need to know to help make your child’s camp experience more successful. Please note that this information will be treated as confidential and will be communicated discreetly. Undisclosed needs cannot be accommodated, and might interfere with your child’s ability to participate – so please let us know all important additional information about your child prior to their arrival for class. If you need clarification on class activities or procedures to better determine suitability for your student's needs and abilities, we encourage you to contact the program coordinator prior to registering.

Who’s teaching my child’s class? How can I see what their qualifications are?

SOU YP exercises great care when selecting instructors who are both knowledgeable and competent. Many of our instructors are connected to SOU in some way, whether that be as an alumnus of our outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs, or through a connection to one of SOU YP's other annual programs, or partners in our community. Others are local educators with backgrounds specific to youth education and the topics they are instructing. Some of our instructors even attended SOU Youth Programs camps when they were a child! If you wish to know more about a specific instructors, please contact our office.

My child’s cousin will be visiting from out of town for one day that they are registered for class, can they accompany my child to their class that day?

Unregistered participants are not allowed in SOU YP classrooms; even family members.

Can I send a friend to pick up my child if circumstances arise that mean I won’t be able to?

Sure! However, we need your prior written permission to release your child to leave with that person. If you haven’t already noted that person as having permission to pick up in your registration forms, you’ll need call our office to have us notify the instructor of the change in plan ASAP. You will be given instructions for how to quickly submit that request in writing. Please be aware that even authorized persons may be asked to present photo ID when picking up your child.

Can my child try out a class and switch to another class after the start date if that one isn’t a good fit?

Unfortunately, this is not an option we can provide. If you have questions that might assist you to better determine whether a class might be a good fit for your student, we encourage you to contact the program coordinator prior to registering.

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