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Junior Counselor Position Description 

Each Junior Counselor will help supervise a Living Group of 8-10 ACADEMIA LATINA students during those times when the students are not involved in classes. Junior Counselors will live in the dorms assigned to them and eat all meals in the dining hall. The time commitment for the job is considerable. Students attending ACADEMIA LATINA range in age from 12 -15 years, so the program must provide a high level of supervision, and Junior Counselors will be an integral part of the needed supervision. Each Junior Counselor will serve as a Teaching Assistant for one or more classes each day. Junior Counselors have an 11:00 p.m. curfew. Junior Counselors must have completed their senior year of high school and be in academic good standing.


Must have completed the following grades: 
12th gradeIMG_2971.JPG

Academic Transcript
Students will need to submit a transcript online (Ideal Logic Platform)

Recommendation Letter(s):
TWO (2) recommendation letters (teacher, or community member)


Note: Recommendators will need to fill out this form and email/mail it the person listed.

Why are you interested in being a Junior Counselor (250 words minimum)   

Personal Characteristic Requirements
ACADEMIA LATINA is looking for high-energy personalities who find working with young people interesting and fun. We are looking for responsible, mature, and emotionally stable individuals. One of the strengths of ACADEMIA LATINA has been the outstanding role model that counselors provide.  Counselors are expected to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner that includes good personal hygiene, positive attitude, compassion, wise decision-making, and intellectual curiosity.


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