Because SOU Pre-College Youth Programs are self-supporting, we depend upon grants, tuition fees, and private donations to operate. These donations help us provide the enrichment classes, academic competitions and summer camps that serve more than 5,000 students annually.

Many of the students who benefit most from our programs need financial assistance. Our tuition assistance fund depends solely upon donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Each year, we award tuition assistance to hundreds of students in southern Oregon, providing meaningful experiences to students from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds—experiences in which they learn, discover, and see new things in the world.

Make a difference in the educational lives of students by making a donation to the Pre-College & Youth Programs. Your donation enables us to offer these quality educational opportunities to students regardless of their family's income. 

Donate Online! -

You may also mail in your donation to: SOU Pre-College Youth Programs, 1250 Siskiyou Blvd., Ashland, OR 97520

Make your contribution to help inspire local youth and receive a tax credit when you make a matching gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust.  

Cultural Trust: 98,000 Square Miles of YES

Thanks to our Southern Oregon University Pre-College Youth Programs Donors/Partners 2022-2023:


Carpenter Foundation
Naumes Family Foundation, Inc.

Oregon Community Foundation Walker Fund

Oregon Department of Education
Project Youth Plus
Roundhouse Foundation
SOESD Migrant Education
SOESD Title VII Indian Education
Karen and Stephen Telian-Tyler
Grant Williams


Sandra Coyner and Joe Graf
Tamara and Britton Ellington

Richard Johnson
Armando Lopez
Leslie Lundin
Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Rogue Valley Mentoring/SO Health-E
Supported Employment Services
Kevin and Barbara Talbert


AAUW/Medford University Women Charitable Fund
Katherine Gosnell
Lyn Hennion and Alex Bellen


Steve and Mary Boyarsky
Erin Brender and Mujahid Rizvi
Carol and Stephen Jensen
Rachel and Randolph Jones
Connie and Jeff Lynn
Paul Sagunsky
Alison Savage and Albert Newton

Up to $249

Susan and Curt Bacon
Patrick and Anne Barry
Sara and Alberto Enriquez
Beth Gibson
Mary Katie Marcotte
Carmen Mejia
Dina and Patrick Payne
Ruth Rabinovitch and Thomas Treger
David Sours

In Kind

Becca LaRoi
Cindy Lond
Secceal Reynolds
Carl Thomas

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