Position Overview:

Head resident must be enthusiastic, enjoy working with youth, have leadership abilities and a strong sense of how to work as a team member. This position requires time management and organization skills, and the ability to prioritize and juggle multiple tasks in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment. The Head Resident must model responsible behavior including punctuality, appropriate attire, focus on the task at hand, and diffusion of drama.

Qualifications and Skills:

Required: Experience working with middle and high school students. Experience leading teams using effective communication skills. Head Residents should have completed at least two years of college and should be currently pursuing or have attained a college degree. Head residents must have at least two years of previous experience as an Academia Latina Senior Counselor.

Reports to: Academia Latina Director, Academia Leadership Director


  • Aware of and in compliance with SOUYP policies and proceduresAcademia Latina 2016 Head Residents
  • Assist with promotion of Senior Counselor positions
  • Attend staff training and have proper understanding of and be able to relay to Senior Counselors information regarding:Program logistics (e.g. calendars, schedules, transitions between activities, activity setup and planning)
    • Check-in and check-out procedures
    • Communicating program needs for supplies and materials
  • Attend all staff meetings
  • Coordinate and equitably divide Head Resident duties between both Head Residents
  • Supervise counseling staff and act as role model and mentor for Senior Counselors
  • Check in with Senior Counselors and Junior Counselors daily
  • Assist Senior Counselors to anticipate and address potential problems; Help counselors support students with additional needs
  • Facilitate strong and positive relationships between the Senior Counselors and their assigned Junior Counselors
  • Communicate with administrative staff about program logistics, material and supply needs, and concerns about students
  • ANTICIPATE program needs and prepare accordingly to ensure that program runs smoothly and efficiently
  • Ensure that facilities are kept clean and organized with particular care for the cleanliness of the nursing station, and Academia Latina offices and storage spaces
  • Assist SOUYP staff in maintaining accurate records and completing incident reports and updating medical treatment records
  • Communicate with SOU Housing resident and SOUYP administrative staff about any problems pertaining to the dorms
  • Attend and help facilitate workshops
  • Assist administrative staff in office
  • Communicate with staff nurse when necessary
  • Administer first aid when necessary
  • Act as overnight on-call point person for Senior Counselors in dealing with evening problems (homesickness, illness etc.)
  • Make sure lights are out on time
  • Chaperone evening events
  • Help with recreation
  • Reside in on-campus dormitories for the duration of Academia Latina and sleep in their assigned rooms each night.

*Head Residents are expected to be on call at all times for the duration of the program.

Dates: July 27 - August 5, 2017

For more information or questions:
Jonathan Chavez Baez