SOU Pre-College Programs' regional art show, Best of the Best, offers an opportunity for outstanding high school art students to: display their work in a  professional setting, be recognized for their talent, and gain practical exposure to visual arts as a potential career and college pathway. 




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Two ways to view Best of the Best 2023:

In Person April 7- 26 :

On Instagram:

This year's participating schools:
Armadillo Technical Institute
Ashland High School
Crater Renaissance Academy
Eagle Point High School
Grants Pass High School
Hidden Valley High School
Illinois Valley High School
North Medford High School
North Valley High School
Phoenix High School
Rogue River High School
South Medford High School
St Mary's High School

About Best of the Best:

The Best of the Best regional high school art show is an SOU Pre-College Programs annual event, now in it's fourth decade.  Best of the Best offers an opportunity for outstanding high school art students to: display their work in a professional setting, be recognized for their talent, and gain practical exposure to visual arts as a potential career and college pathway. 

At the beginning of each school year, local area high schools in Jackson and Josephine county are invited to participate in this event. Participating art instructors choose student work that represents the very best of what has been created in their art classroom that year for participation in the exhibition and seminar day.

The physical exhibition rotates locations annually, cycling between the Center for Visual Arts galleries at SOURogue Gallery & Art Center, and Grants Pass Museum of Art. 

Exhibiting students and their art teachers are also invited to attend a day-long seminar on SOU campus where they will attend visual arts workshops in the campus art studios, an emerging guest artist's talk about their educational experience, career, and work, tour the current exhibition at the Schneider Museum of Art, and socialize with other talented art students during a pizza lunch hosted by Oregon Center for the Arts.

Recognition of Excellence prizes are awarded to the top pieces selected by a panel of judges. All the students receive a participation certificate and the opportunity to list this special recognition on future resumes, college and art school applications, & scholarship applications. 


Seminar Day 2023: 


 Press 2   Ceramics smiling   sculpture


Coding smiles     Painting     sculpture 3




Congratulations to the students whose Best of the Best 2023 submissions who were selected by our panel of judges for "Recognition of Excellence":

Brisa Bauer                     Phoenix High School

Wade Benette                 Ashland High School

Madison Bingham           Rogue River High School

Naomi DeRosier             Grants Pass High School

Sol Fentress                    Ashland High School

Angela Jimenez               Eagle Point High School

Cali Lees                          Phoenix High School

Kelsea McCoy                 South Medford High School 

Baylee Mullen                  Eagle Point High School

Brooke Nix                       South Medford High School 

Billy Salas-Escalante       Eagle Point High School

Sarah Marie Spalletta      Hidden Valley High School

Avi Vanwettering              Crater Point High School

Greyson Vasquez             Ashland High School

Nora Wardle                     Rogue River High School

To all the students who participated this year, we say: "Well Done!" We're so happy you chose to join us for this tremendous exhibition and an engaging seminar day. 



Archive of Past Best of the Best Shows:




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                Seminar 13 Seminar Day 9 Seminar 5 3Q3A5804


Three ways to view Best of the Best 2022:

On Instagram:



Congratulations to our 2022 "Best of Show" winners:

Jesse Campbell of Grants Pass High School

Kelsey Hawkings of North Valley High School

Jasmine Rands of North Medford High School

Gillian Powell of Ashland High School

Ana-Marie Rowley of Hidden Valley High School

Camden Todd of Logos Charter School

Leydi Ramirez of Phoenix High School


2021 Best of the Best Virtual Art Show

IMG 3018 Cropped mkb

Virtually the Best! is a curated 20-minute video exhibition of the student artwork.Special thanks to Kimbra LeCornu for her inspired technical skill creating this video.

Each year SOU Youth Programs coordinates the Best of the Best Student Art Show, offering talented high school art students an opportunity to display their work in a professional setting.

We are happy to announce that the annual Best of the Best Student Art Show will be hosted at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center from Friday, April 16 through Friday, April 30, 2021. Because they are an Art Center as well as a gallery, they are open to the public for in-person visitation with modified rules to abide by state COVID-19 regulations. Please visit the gallery’s website for information on hours of operation.

We are delighted that despite the difficulties faced this year by our high school art teachers and their students that so many have continued following their passion in creating insightful and beautiful artwork to share. Thanks to the efforts of many individuals there is now an opportunity to acknowledge the time, effort, and great talent that students from our region have put into their artwork.

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