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St. Mary's School

January -March, 2017

Middle School Brain Bowl competition involves students in grades 6 to 8 in weekly games similar to athletic competitions offered at this level. Questions are designed to be more challenging as each week passes. By the end, these teams are successfully responding to high school level challenges.

2017 Coaches Corner

The 2017 Roster Forms will be available soon.

  • Division Schedule A (PDF)
  • Division Schedule B (PDF) 

If you do not get your question set in time for your match, please call 541-552-6452 and we will email it or fax it to the moderator of the match.

 2016 Middle School Brain Bowl Weekly Match Standings

As of week 9:

Division A
      School   W   L        School   W   L  
      Ashland A   8
    McLoughlin B
      Ashland B   4
    St. Mary's A   9
      Eagle Point   0   9
    St. Mary's B   6
      Hedrick A/B   5
    Talent   3
      McLoughlin A   3   6
    Valley   1   8
                                            Division B
      School  W   L     School  W  L
      Fleming  5   2     Rogue River   2  5
      Grace Christian  7   0     Ruch   0  7
      Hanby  2   5
    Scenic   6
      North Middle  3   4
    South Middle   3

2016 Semifinals
Division A: Ashland A vs St. Mary's A 
Division B: Cascade vs Scenic

2017 Championship
Watch the Championship teams TBA play the final match for the Southern Oregon Middle School Brain Bowl Championship on Sunday, April 9th on SOPTV

Thank you to all our coaches and students who participate in Brain Bowl!!