How to Order Official Transcripts 

Official transcripts are those that are send directly from the University and are used by Universities, Colleges and Scholarship Foundations for admission or scholarship funding. If you wish to view your transcript for your own personal records, please refer to How to View an Unofficial Transcript below. 

1. Only students can order an official transcript.
2. You will need your SOU ID (or SSN if it is on record) to order a transcript.
3. Transcript orders must be ordered in person or through the link on the SOU Enrollment Services website at: Click the “Former Students, Alumni and students in high school programs” link to order online. Once there, follow the New User instructions.
4. The cost to order an electronic transcript in person or online is $10.
5. Walk-in orders may be made at the Enrollment Services Center located in Britt Hall on the Ashland Campus and at the Welcome Desk at the Higher Education Center at 101 S. Bartlett Street in Medford. Students must bring a photo ID when requesting transcripts.
6. If you have any questions regarding transcripts, contact the SOU Enrollment Services Center at 541-552-6600 or SOU Youth Programs at (541) 552-6452.

To View or Print an Unofficial Transcript with Grades

Students can view their grades online for personal record use. If needing a transcript for official admission purposes, please refer to the How to Order an Official Transcript located above. 

1. Go to the Inside SOU home page at but do not attempt to sign in.
2. Look down the page to find the "!Former Students and Employees" section in grey.
3. Click “SIGN IN” at the bottom of that grey section.
4. You will now be on the page to log in.
5. You will input your Student ID Number (or your Social Security Number) and a 6-digit PIN Number which is set to your birth date (mmddyy). Do not use dashes or slashes in your birth date or Social Security Number.

Student ID:    940123456
PIN:        090503

You will need to change this PIN for security reasons the first time you log in. Just follow the instructions on the screen. Please make a note of your new PIN. If you should lose this number you will hit the “Forgot Pin" button. This will reset your password to your birth date. If this doesn't work, contact SOU Pre-College Youth Programs at (541) 552-6452 or (541) 552-6899 to have your PIN reset.

6. Go to the Student tab. Then go to Student Records, followed by Academic Transcript. For Transcript Level and Type, choose “All Levels” and “SOU Unofficial Transcript” respectively. Hit submit. You can now view your records and print them.