**Please note that these steps are intended for current and former high school students who participated in one or both of our dual enrollment programs, Advanced Southern Credit (ASC) and Early Entry (EE). If you did not participate in our programs but took SOU courses, please visit this link to order transcripts**

What are transcripts? Which kind do I need? 

A transcript is a document that provides an inventory of courses and grades earned by a student throughout their time at any given University or College. There are 2 types of transcripts, official and unofficial.

Official transcripts are those that are generated and sent from a University directly to another University or College. They are official University documents and are signed off by a University representative. Official copies usually have a fee involved. You would need an Official Copy if you are a graduating high school senior and you are wanting to go to a College, University or Trade School after high school. You may also need one for scholarship granting purposes. Be sure to view your unofficial transcript before you order an official copy. 

Unofficial transcripts are those that can be viewed, downloaded or printed at any time. You would want to view this before ordering anything official. If you are interested in a personal copy of your transcript for your records or just want to know what grades you received, an Unofficial copy is most likely enough.