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Each senior counselor will be assigned to supervise 12-14 students from the program during those times when the students are not involved in classes. Senior counselors will be required to live in the dorms assigned to them. All meals will be eaten with the students. The time commitment for the job is considerable. The students attending the program will range in age from 12-16 years; therefore, the program must provide a high level of supervision. The senior counselors will be an integral part of the needed supervision. The counselors are expected to be on duty and free of all other commitments from Noon until 8:30 am of the following day. Senior counselors who plan to take college classes should not register for classes after 11:00 am during Academia Latina sessions.

Position Requirements2018-SCs-Web.png

  • Currently enrolled in college or university
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Completed first year of college
  • GPA: Minimum 2.75
  • 1 Recommendation
    - Teacher, or community member

NEW: Recommendation letters are now ONLINE. Recommendators will receive an email via our Ideal Logic system once the student has submitted their application. Please follow the instructions in the email. 

  • Pass background check

Personal Characteristic Requirements

Academia Latina is looking for high-energy personalities who find working with young people stimulating and fun. We are looking for responsible, mature, and emotionally stable individuals. One of the strengths of the Academia Latina program will be the outstanding role model that senior counselors provide. Counselors are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is exemplary, this includes: good personal hygiene, positive attitude, compassion, wise decision-making, and intellectual curiosity.

Jonathan Chavez Baez 
Assistant Director for Latino/a/x Outreach Programs

Monserrat Alegria
SOU Latino/a/x Programs Coordinator &
OSU Juntos Coordinator in Southern Oregon



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