April 29, 2017

Southern Oregon University Pre-College Youth Programs coordinates the Regional Spelling Contest each year, which is level two of the State Spelling Contest sponsored by the Oregon Spellers. Jackson and Josephine counties participate in the regional Spelling Contest with both counties advancing first place winners to the state level.

Review practice words in the 2017 Spelling Booklet [pdf]

For more details about class, school or district contests, contact your child's school directly. Winners advancing to SOU Regional Contest will be sent letters of invitation. 

Winners of the 2016 Regional Spelling Contest

Congratulations to all our winners and participants. All participants had already won for their school and their school district. 

Jackson County

Division I, Grades 1-5  

2016 Div1 JA Cty 1stPlace Hvall 5888   2016 Div1 1st 3rd place JA County 5881

First Place: Ryder Hvall
Central Point Elementary

Jackson County Division I


Gillian Sanders, Stella Beard and Ryder Hvall
Jackson County Division I

First Place: Ryder Hvall, grade 5, Central Point Elementary, Central Point, Oregon
Second Place: Stella Beard,  grade 5, Hoover Elementary, Medford, Oregon

Third Place: Gillian Sanders, grade 5, Griffin Creek Elementary, Medford, Oregon

Division II, Grades 6-8

2016 Div2 JA County 1stPlace Johnson 5904   2016 Div2 JA County 1st 3rdPlace 5901
First Place: Cooper Johnson
Scenic Middle School

Jackson County Division II
  Nicholas Sanders, Baylee Heywood and Cooper Johnson
Jackson County Division II

First Place: Cooper Johnson, grade 7, Scenic Middle School,  Central Point, Oregon
Second Place: Baylee Heywood, grade 6, Talent Middle School, Talent, Oregon
Third Place: Nicholas Sanders, grade 7, McLoughlin Middle  School, Medford, Oregon

Division III, Grades 9-12

2016 Div3 JA County 1stPlace Lee 5929  
2016 Div3 JA County 1st 3rd Place 5926A
First Place: Grace Lee
North Medford High School

Jackson County Division III
   Grace Lee, Abby Easton and Josiah Pomeroy
Jackson County Division III

First Place: Grace Lee, grade 10, North Medford High School, Medford, Oregon
Second Place: Joshiah Pomeroy, grade 11, Eagle Point High School, Eagle Point , Oregon
Third Place: Abby Easton, grade 9, South Medford High School, Medford, Oregon

Josephine County

Division I, Grades 1-5

2016 JoCtyDiv1 Aaliya Abhilash   2016 Div1 1st 3rd place JO County 5881
First Place:
Aailyah Abhilash, Allendale Elementary 
Josephine County Division I
  Ian Tommerup, Josh Smith and Aailyah Abhilash
Josephine County Division I

First Place: Aailyah Abhilash, grade 5, Allendale Elementary School, Grants Pass
Second Place: Ian Tommerup, grade 5, Allendale Elementary School, Grants Pass, Oregon
Third Place: Josh Smith, grade 5, Manzanita Elementary School, Grants Pass, Oregon

Division II, Grade 6-8

2016 Div2 JO County 1stPlace Hart 5905   2016 Div2 JO County 1st 3rdPlace 5904
First Place: Ben Hart
North Middle School

Josephine County Division II
  Joe Sherman, Billy Lan-Powell and Ben Hart
Josephine County Division II

First Place: Ben Hart, grade 8, North Middle School, Grants Pass, Oregon
Second Place: Joe Sherman, grade 8, Lorna Byrne School, Cave Junction, Oregon
Third Place: Billy Lan-Powell, grade 8, North Middle, Grants Pass, Oregon

Division III, Grades 9-12

2016 Div3 JO County 1stPlace Munyon 5923   2016 Div3 JO County 1st 3rd Place 5920A
First Place: Olivia Munyon
Grants Pass High School

Josephine County Division III
  Olivia Munyon, Eleanor Polk and Megan Dingman
Josephine County Division III

First Place: Olivia Munyon, grade 10, Grants Pass High School, Grants Pass, Oregon
Second Place: Eleanor Polk, grade 12, North Valley High School, Grants Pass, Oregon
Third Place: Megan Dingman, grade 11, North Valley High School, Grants Pass, Oregon


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